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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include <queue>
#include <vector>
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "services/ui/public/interfaces/display.mojom.h"
#include "services/ui/ws/event_dispatcher.h"
#include "services/ui/ws/event_dispatcher_delegate.h"
#include "services/ui/ws/user_id.h"
#include "services/ui/ws/window_server.h"
namespace ui {
namespace ws {
class DisplayManager;
class WindowTree;
namespace test {
class WindowManagerStateTestApi;
// Manages state specific to a WindowManager that is shared across displays.
// WindowManagerState is owned by the WindowTree the window manager is
// associated with.
class WindowManagerState : public EventDispatcherDelegate {
explicit WindowManagerState(WindowTree* window_tree);
~WindowManagerState() override;
const UserId& user_id() const;
WindowTree* window_tree() { return window_tree_; }
const WindowTree* window_tree() const { return window_tree_; }
void OnWillDestroyTree(WindowTree* tree);
void SetFrameDecorationValues(mojom::FrameDecorationValuesPtr values);
const mojom::FrameDecorationValues& frame_decoration_values() const {
return *frame_decoration_values_;
bool got_frame_decoration_values() const {
return got_frame_decoration_values_;
bool SetCapture(ServerWindow* window, ClientSpecificId client_id);
ServerWindow* capture_window() { return event_dispatcher_.capture_window(); }
const ServerWindow* capture_window() const {
return event_dispatcher_.capture_window();
void ReleaseCaptureBlockedByModalWindow(const ServerWindow* modal_window);
void ReleaseCaptureBlockedByAnyModalWindow();
void AddSystemModalWindow(ServerWindow* window);
// TODO(sky): EventDispatcher is really an implementation detail and should
// not be exposed.
EventDispatcher* event_dispatcher() { return &event_dispatcher_; }
// Returns true if this is the WindowManager of the active user.
bool IsActive() const;
void Activate(const gfx::Point& mouse_location_on_screen);
void Deactivate();
// Processes an event from PlatformDisplay.
void ProcessEvent(const ui::Event& event);
// Called when the ack from an event dispatched to WindowTree |tree| is
// received.
// TODO(sky): make this private and use a callback.
void OnEventAck(mojom::WindowTree* tree, mojom::EventResult result);
// Called when the WindowManager acks an accelerator.
void OnAcceleratorAck(mojom::EventResult result);
class ProcessedEventTarget;
friend class Display;
friend class test::WindowManagerStateTestApi;
enum class DebugAcceleratorType {
struct DebugAccelerator {
bool Matches(const ui::KeyEvent& event) const;
DebugAcceleratorType type;
ui::KeyboardCode key_code;
int event_flags;
enum class EventDispatchPhase {
// Not actively dispatching.
// A PRE_TARGET accelerator has been encountered and we're awaiting the ack.
// Dispatching to the target, awaiting the ack.
// There are two types of events that may be queued, both occur only when
// waiting for an ack from a client.
// . We get an event from the PlatformDisplay. This results in |event| being
// set, but |processed_target| is null.
// . We get an event from the EventDispatcher. In this case both |event| and
// |processed_target| are valid.
// The second case happens if EventDispatcher generates more than one event
// at a time.
struct QueuedEvent {
std::unique_ptr<ui::Event> event;
std::unique_ptr<ProcessedEventTarget> processed_target;
const WindowServer* window_server() const;
WindowServer* window_server();
DisplayManager* display_manager();
const DisplayManager* display_manager() const;
// Sets the visibility of all window manager roots windows to |value|.
void SetAllRootWindowsVisible(bool value);
// Returns the ServerWindow that is the root of the WindowManager for
// |window|. |window| corresponds to the root of a Display.
ServerWindow* GetWindowManagerRoot(ServerWindow* window);
// Called if the client doesn't ack an event in the appropriate amount of
// time.
void OnEventAckTimeout(ClientSpecificId client_id);
// Implemenation of processing an event with a match phase of all. This
// handles debug accelerators and forwards to EventDispatcher.
void ProcessEventImpl(const ui::Event& event);
// Schedules an event to be processed later.
void QueueEvent(const ui::Event& event,
std::unique_ptr<ProcessedEventTarget> processed_event_target);
// Processes the next valid event in |event_queue_|. If the event has already
// been processed it is dispatched, otherwise the event is passed to the
// EventDispatcher for processing.
void ProcessNextEventFromQueue();
// Dispatches the event to the appropriate client and starts the ack timer.
void DispatchInputEventToWindowImpl(ServerWindow* target,
ClientSpecificId client_id,
const ui::Event& event,
base::WeakPtr<Accelerator> accelerator);
// Registers accelerators used internally for debugging.
void AddDebugAccelerators();
// Finds the debug accelerator for |event| and if one is found calls
// HandleDebugAccelerator().
void ProcessDebugAccelerator(const ui::Event& event);
// Runs the specified debug accelerator.
void HandleDebugAccelerator(DebugAcceleratorType type);
// Called when waiting for an event or accelerator to be processed by |tree|.
void ScheduleInputEventTimeout(WindowTree* tree);
// EventDispatcherDelegate:
void OnAccelerator(uint32_t accelerator_id,
const ui::Event& event,
AcceleratorPhase phase) override;
void SetFocusedWindowFromEventDispatcher(ServerWindow* window) override;
ServerWindow* GetFocusedWindowForEventDispatcher() override;
void SetNativeCapture(ServerWindow* window) override;
void ReleaseNativeCapture() override;
void OnCaptureChanged(ServerWindow* new_capture,
ServerWindow* old_capture) override;
void OnMouseCursorLocationChanged(const gfx::Point& point) override;
void DispatchInputEventToWindow(ServerWindow* target,
ClientSpecificId client_id,
const ui::Event& event,
Accelerator* accelerator) override;
ClientSpecificId GetEventTargetClientId(const ServerWindow* window,
bool in_nonclient_area) override;
ServerWindow* GetRootWindowContaining(gfx::Point* location) override;
void OnEventTargetNotFound(const ui::Event& event) override;
// The single WindowTree this WindowManagerState is associated with.
// |window_tree_| owns this.
WindowTree* window_tree_;
// Set to true the first time SetFrameDecorationValues() is called.
bool got_frame_decoration_values_ = false;
mojom::FrameDecorationValuesPtr frame_decoration_values_;
EventDispatchPhase event_dispatch_phase_ = EventDispatchPhase::NONE;
// The tree we're waiting to process the current accelerator or event.
mojom::WindowTree* tree_awaiting_input_ack_ = nullptr;
// The event we're awaiting an accelerator or input ack from.
std::unique_ptr<ui::Event> event_awaiting_input_ack_;
base::WeakPtr<Accelerator> post_target_accelerator_;
std::queue<std::unique_ptr<QueuedEvent>> event_queue_;
base::OneShotTimer event_ack_timer_;
std::vector<DebugAccelerator> debug_accelerators_;
EventDispatcher event_dispatcher_;
// PlatformDisplay that currently has capture.
PlatformDisplay* platform_display_with_capture_ = nullptr;
base::WeakPtrFactory<WindowManagerState> weak_factory_;
} // namespace ws
} // namespace ui