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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
namespace ash {
class DesksBarView;
class DeskMiniView;
// Animates new desk mini_views, fading them in and moving them from right to
// left into their final positions in the desk bar view. It will also animate
// existing desks to show them moving as a result of creating the new
// mini_views.
// |bar_view| is the desk bar view on which the new mini_views are being
// added. |new_mini_views| contains a list of the newly-created mini_views.
// |shift_x| is the amount by which the mini_views (new and existing) will be
// moved horizontally as a result of creating the new mini_views.
// * Notes:
// - It assumes that the new mini_views have already been created, and all
// mini_views (new and existing) have already been laid out in their final
// positions.
// - If this is the first time mini_views are being created in the desk bar
// view, it will also animate the bar background from top to buttom, and shift
// the windows in the overview grid down.
void PerformNewDeskMiniViewAnimation(
DesksBarView* bar_view,
const std::vector<DeskMiniView*>& new_mini_views,
int shift_x,
bool first_time_mini_views);
// Performs the mini_view removal animation. It takes ownership of the
// |removed_mini_view|. |mini_views_left|, and |mini_views_right| are lists of
// the remaining mini_views to left and to the right of the removed mini_view
// respectively. Either list can be empty (e.g. if the removed mini_view is the
// last one on the right). |shift_x| is the amount by which the remaining
// mini_views will be moved horizontally to occupy the space that the removed
// mini_view used to occupy.
// It assumes that the remiaing mini_views have been laid out in their final
// positions as if the removed mini_view no longer exits.
void PerformRemoveDeskMiniViewAnimation(
std::unique_ptr<DeskMiniView> removed_mini_view,
std::vector<DeskMiniView*> mini_views_left,
std::vector<DeskMiniView*> mini_views_right,
int shift_x);
} // namespace ash