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# Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import fnmatch
from core.external_modules import numpy
from core.external_modules import pandas
SECONDS_IN_A_DAY = 60 * 60 * 24
def ResultsKey():
"""Create a DataFrame with information about result values."""
return pandas.DataFrame.from_records([
('P', 'PASS', '-', 0.0),
('N', 'NO DATA', ' ', 0.0),
('X', 'SKIP', '~', 0.0),
('Q', 'FAIL', 'F', 1.0),
('Y', 'NOTRUN', '?', 0.1),
('L', 'FLAKY', '!', 0.5),
], columns=('code', 'result', 'char', 'badness'), index='code')
def FilterBy(df, **kwargs):
"""Filter out a data frame by applying patterns to columns.
df: A data frame to filter.
**kwargs: Remaining keyword arguments are interpreted as column=pattern
specifications. The pattern may contain shell-style wildcards, only rows
whose value in the specified column matches the pattern will be kept in
the result. If the pattern is None, no filtering is done.
The filtered data frame (a view on the original data frame).
for column, pattern in kwargs.iteritems():
if pattern is not None:
df = df[df[column].str.match(fnmatch.translate(pattern), case=False)]
return df
def CompactResults(results):
"""Aggregate results from multime runs into a single result code."""
def Compact(result):
if len(result) == 1:
return result # Test ran once; use same value.
elif all(r == 'Q' for r in result):
return 'Q' # All runs failed; test failed.
return 'L' # Sometimes failed, sometimes not; test flaky.
return{r: Compact(r) for r in results.unique()})
def AggregateBuilds(df, half_life):
"""Aggregate results from multiple builds of the same test configuration.
Also computes the "flakiness" of a test configuration.
df: A data frame with test results per build for a single test
configuration (i.e. fixed master, builder, test_type).
half_life: A number of days. Builds failures from these many days ago are
half as important as a build failing today.
results_key = ResultsKey()
df = df.copy()
df['result'] = CompactResults(df['result'])
df['status'] = df['result'].map(results_key['char'])
df['flakiness'] = df['result'].map(results_key['badness'])
time_ago = df['timestamp'].max() - df['timestamp']
days_ago = time_ago.dt.total_seconds() / SECONDS_IN_A_DAY
df['weight'] = numpy.power(0.5, days_ago / half_life)
df['flakiness'] *= df['weight']
latest_build = df['build_number'].iloc[0]
grouped = df.groupby(['builder', 'test_suite', 'test_case'])
df = grouped['flakiness'].sum().to_frame()
df['flakiness'] *= 100 / grouped['weight'].sum()
df['build_number'] = latest_build
df['status'] = grouped['status'].agg(lambda s:
return df