Revert of Collect active stylesheets and and apply asynchronously. (patchset #4 id:60001 of )

Reason for revert:
Suspected cause of failing WebKit tests on bots. Example:


Original issue's description:
> Collect active stylesheets and and apply asynchronously.
> This CL enables asynchronously updating the lists of active stylesheets
> applying any style changes using rule set invalidations. This means we
> more often avoid full style recalcs when we add or remove stylesheets
> from the document as well as when the evaluation of media queries
> change.
> In general, we now alway compare new and old stylesheets by comparing
> their rulesets and schedule style invalidations for removed and added
> rulesets.
> When media queries changes, we used to give completely in and
> recalculate all style once we discovered a media query changed its
> evaluation. With this patch, we clear rule sets for sheets which
> contain media queries which means we will invalidate rules for the sets
> before and after the query change. This can be further refined by only
> clearing rule sets when the sheets has a media query which actually did
> change evaluation, and also just schedule invalidations for rules which
> are inside @media rules.
> TreeScopeStyleSheetCollectionTest.cpp is removed as it is replaced by
> ActiveStyleSheetsTest.cpp which landed earlier.
> updateActiveStyle() has been added a few places where
> ensureStyleResolver() previously caused active stylesheets to be up-to-
> date. ensureStyleResolver() is now merely a method which creates the
> StyleResolver if necessary and returns it.
> There are some cleanups and code removal which needs to be done after
> this CL, but I have left those out to make this CL as small as
> possible. For instance resolverChanged(), which synchronously updated
> the active stylesheets, has an empty implementation instead of
> including a lot of removals in this CL. The code for lazy-appending
> stylesheets in StyleResolver is still there, but not in use.
> BUG=567021
> Committed:
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# Skipping CQ checks because original CL landed less than 1 days ago.

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