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// Copyright (c) 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Utilities for the SafeBrowsing DB code.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <cstring>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/containers/flat_map.h"
#include "base/strings/string_piece.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/trace_event/trace_event_argument.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/common/safe_browsing_prefs.h"
#include "components/safe_browsing/db/v4_protocol_manager_util.h"
class GURL;
namespace safe_browsing {
// Metadata that indicates what kind of URL match this is.
enum class ThreatPatternType : int {
NONE = 0, // Pattern type didn't appear in the metadata
MALWARE_LANDING = 1, // The match is a malware landing page
MALWARE_DISTRIBUTION = 2, // The match is a malware distribution page
SOCIAL_ENGINEERING_ADS = 3, // The match is a social engineering ads page
SOCIAL_ENGINEERING_LANDING = 4, // The match is a social engineering landing
// page
PHISHING = 5, // The match is a phishing page
enum class SubresourceFilterType : int { ABUSIVE = 0, BETTER_ADS = 1 };
enum class SubresourceFilterLevel : int { WARN = 0, ENFORCE = 1 };
using SubresourceFilterMatch =
base::flat_map<SubresourceFilterType, SubresourceFilterLevel>;
// Metadata that was returned by a GetFullHash call. This is the parsed version
// of the PB (from Pver3, or Pver4 local) or JSON (from Pver4 via GMSCore).
// Some fields are only applicable to certain lists.
// When adding elements to this struct, make sure you update operator== and
// ToTracedValue.
struct ThreatMetadata {
ThreatMetadata(const ThreatMetadata& other);
bool operator==(const ThreatMetadata& other) const;
bool operator!=(const ThreatMetadata& other) const;
// Returns the metadata in a format tracing can support.
std::unique_ptr<base::trace_event::TracedValue> ToTracedValue() const;
// Type of blacklisted page. Used on malware and UwS lists.
// This will be NONE if it wasn't present in the reponse.
ThreatPatternType threat_pattern_type;
// Set of permissions blocked. Used with threat_type API_ABUSE.
// This will be empty if it wasn't present in the response.
std::set<std::string> api_permissions;
// Map of list sub-types related to the SUBRESOURCE_FILTER threat type.
// Used instead of ThreatPatternType to allow multiple types at the same time.
SubresourceFilterMatch subresource_filter_match;
// Opaque base64 string used for user-population experiments in pver4.
// This will be empty if it wasn't present in the response.
std::string population_id;
// A truncated hash's type.
typedef uint32_t SBPrefix;
// A full hash.
union SBFullHash {
char full_hash[32];
SBPrefix prefix;
// Used when we get a gethash response.
struct SBFullHashResult {
SBFullHash hash;
// TODO(shess): Refactor to allow ListType here.
int list_id;
ThreatMetadata metadata;
// Used only for V4 results. The cache expire time for this result. The
// response must not be cached after this time to avoid false positives.
base::Time cache_expire_after;
// Caches individual response from GETHASH request.
struct SBCachedFullHashResult {
explicit SBCachedFullHashResult(const base::Time& in_expire_after);
SBCachedFullHashResult(const SBCachedFullHashResult& other);
base::Time expire_after;
std::vector<SBFullHashResult> full_hashes;
// SafeBrowsing list names.
extern const char kMalwareList[];
extern const char kPhishingList[];
// Binary Download list name.
extern const char kBinUrlList[];
// SafeBrowsing client-side detection whitelist list name.
extern const char kCsdWhiteList[];
// SafeBrowsing download whitelist list name.
extern const char kDownloadWhiteList[];
// SafeBrowsing extension list name.
extern const char kExtensionBlacklist[];
// SafeBrowsing csd malware IP blacklist name.
extern const char kIPBlacklist[];
// SafeBrowsing unwanted URL list.
extern const char kUnwantedUrlList[];
// Blacklisted resource URLs list name.
extern const char kResourceBlacklist[];
/// This array must contain all Safe Browsing lists.
extern const char* kAllLists[9];
enum ListType {
PHISH = 1,
// Obsolete BINHASH = 3,
// SafeBrowsing lists are stored in pairs. Keep ListType 5
// available for a potential second list that we would store in the
// csd-whitelist store file.
// See above comment. Leave 7 available.
// See above comment. Leave 9 available.
// See above comment. Leave 11 available.
// See above comment. Leave 13 available.
// See above comment. Leave 15 available.
// See above comment. Leave 17 available.
// Obsolete MODULEWHITELIST = 18,
// See above comment. Leave 19 available.
// See above comment. Leave 21 available.
inline bool SBFullHashEqual(const SBFullHash& a, const SBFullHash& b) {
return !memcmp(a.full_hash, b.full_hash, sizeof(a.full_hash));
inline bool SBFullHashLess(const SBFullHash& a, const SBFullHash& b) {
return memcmp(a.full_hash, b.full_hash, sizeof(a.full_hash)) < 0;
// Generate full hash for the given string.
SBFullHash SBFullHashForString(const base::StringPiece& str);
SBFullHash StringToSBFullHash(const std::string& hash_in);
std::string SBFullHashToString(const SBFullHash& hash_out);
// Maps a list name to ListType.
ListType GetListId(const base::StringPiece& name);
// Maps a ListId to list name. Return false if fails.
bool GetListName(ListType list_id, std::string* list);
// Generate the set of full hashes to check for |url|. If
// |include_whitelist_hashes| is true we will generate additional path-prefixes
// to match against the csd whitelist. E.g., if the path-prefix /foo is on the
// whitelist it should also match /foo/bar which is not the case for all the
// other lists. We'll also always add a pattern for the empty path.
void UrlToFullHashes(const GURL& url,
bool include_whitelist_hashes,
std::vector<SBFullHash>* full_hashes);
struct SafeBrowsingProtocolConfig {
SafeBrowsingProtocolConfig(const SafeBrowsingProtocolConfig& other);
std::string client_name;
std::string url_prefix;
std::string backup_connect_error_url_prefix;
std::string backup_http_error_url_prefix;
std::string backup_network_error_url_prefix;
std::string version;
bool disable_auto_update;
namespace ProtocolManagerHelper {
// returns chrome version.
std::string Version();
// Composes a URL using |prefix|, |method| (e.g.: gethash, download, report).
// |client_name| and |version|. When not empty, |additional_query| is
// appended to the URL with an additional "&" in the front.
std::string ComposeUrl(const std::string& prefix,
const std::string& method,
const std::string& client_name,
const std::string& version,
const std::string& additional_query);
// Similar to above function, and appends "&ext=1" at the end of URL if
// |is_extended_reporting| is true, otherwise, appends "&ext=0".
std::string ComposeUrl(const std::string& prefix,
const std::string& method,
const std::string& client_name,
const std::string& version,
const std::string& additional_query,
ExtendedReportingLevel reporting_level);
} // namespace ProtocolManagerHelper
} // namespace safe_browsing