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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "device/nfc/nfc_ndef_record_utils_chromeos.h"
#include "base/logging.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "device/nfc/nfc_ndef_record.h"
#include "third_party/cros_system_api/dbus/service_constants.h"
using device::NfcNdefRecord;
namespace chromeos {
namespace nfc_ndef_record_utils {
namespace {
// Maps the NDEF type |type| as returned by neard to the corresponding
// device::NfcNdefRecord::Type value.
NfcNdefRecord::Type DBusRecordTypeValueToNfcNdefRecordType(
const std::string& type) {
if (type == nfc_record::kTypeSmartPoster)
return NfcNdefRecord::kTypeSmartPoster;
if (type == nfc_record::kTypeText)
return NfcNdefRecord::kTypeText;
if (type == nfc_record::kTypeUri)
return NfcNdefRecord::kTypeURI;
if (type == nfc_record::kTypeHandoverRequest)
return NfcNdefRecord::kTypeHandoverRequest;
if (type == nfc_record::kTypeHandoverSelect)
return NfcNdefRecord::kTypeHandoverSelect;
if (type == nfc_record::kTypeHandoverCarrier)
return NfcNdefRecord::kTypeHandoverCarrier;
return NfcNdefRecord::kTypeUnknown;
// Maps the NDEF type |type| given as a NFC C++ API enumeration to the
// corresponding string value defined by neard.
std::string NfcRecordTypeEnumToPropertyValue(NfcNdefRecord::Type type) {
switch (type) {
case NfcNdefRecord::kTypeSmartPoster:
return nfc_record::kTypeSmartPoster;
case NfcNdefRecord::kTypeText:
return nfc_record::kTypeText;
case NfcNdefRecord::kTypeURI:
return nfc_record::kTypeUri;
case NfcNdefRecord::kTypeHandoverRequest:
return nfc_record::kTypeHandoverRequest;
case NfcNdefRecord::kTypeHandoverSelect:
return nfc_record::kTypeHandoverSelect;
case NfcNdefRecord::kTypeHandoverCarrier:
return nfc_record::kTypeHandoverCarrier;
return "";
// Maps the field name |field_name| given as defined in NfcNdefRecord to the
// Neard Record D-Bus property name. This handles all fields except for
// NfcNdefRecord::kFieldTitles and NfcNdefRecord::kFieldAction, which need
// special handling.
std::string NdefRecordFieldToDBusProperty(const std::string& field_name) {
if (field_name == NfcNdefRecord::kFieldEncoding)
return nfc_record::kEncodingProperty;
if (field_name == NfcNdefRecord::kFieldLanguageCode)
return nfc_record::kLanguageProperty;
if (field_name == NfcNdefRecord::kFieldText)
return nfc_record::kRepresentationProperty;
if (field_name == NfcNdefRecord::kFieldURI)
return nfc_record::kUriProperty;
if (field_name == NfcNdefRecord::kFieldMimeType)
return nfc_record::kMimeTypeProperty;
if (field_name == NfcNdefRecord::kFieldTargetSize)
return nfc_record::kSizeProperty;
return "";
std::string NfcNdefRecordActionValueToDBusActionValue(
const std::string& action) {
// TODO(armansito): Add bindings for values returned by neard to
// service_constants.h.
if (action == device::NfcNdefRecord::kSmartPosterActionDo)
return "Do";
if (action == device::NfcNdefRecord::kSmartPosterActionSave)
return "Save";
if (action == device::NfcNdefRecord::kSmartPosterActionOpen)
return "Edit";
return "";
std::string DBusActionValueToNfcNdefRecordActionValue(
const std::string& action) {
// TODO(armansito): Add bindings for values returned by neard to
// service_constants.h.
if (action == "Do")
return device::NfcNdefRecord::kSmartPosterActionDo;
if (action == "Save")
return device::NfcNdefRecord::kSmartPosterActionSave;
if (action == "Edit")
return device::NfcNdefRecord::kSmartPosterActionOpen;
return "";
// Translates the given dictionary of NDEF fields by recursively converting
// each key in |record_data| to its corresponding Record property name defined
// by the Neard D-Bus API. The output is stored in |out|. Returns false if an
// error occurs.
bool ConvertNdefFieldsToDBusAttributes(
const base::DictionaryValue& fields,
base::DictionaryValue* out) {
for (base::DictionaryValue::Iterator iter(fields);
!iter.IsAtEnd(); iter.Advance()) {
// Special case the "titles" and "action" fields.
if (iter.key() == NfcNdefRecord::kFieldTitles) {
const base::ListValue* titles = NULL;
bool value_result = iter.value().GetAsList(&titles);
DCHECK(titles->GetSize() != 0);
// TODO(armansito): For now, pick the first title in the list and write
// its contents directly to the top level of the field. This is due to an
// error in the Neard D-Bus API design. This code will need to be updated
// if the neard API changes to correct this.
const base::DictionaryValue* first_title = NULL;
value_result = titles->GetDictionary(0, &first_title);
if (!ConvertNdefFieldsToDBusAttributes(*first_title, out)) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Invalid title field.";
return false;
} else if (iter.key() == NfcNdefRecord::kFieldAction) {
// The value of the action field needs to be translated.
std::string action_value;
bool value_result = iter.value().GetAsString(&action_value);
std::string action =
if (action.empty()) {
VLOG(1) << "Invalid action value: \"" << action_value << "\"";
return false;
out->SetString(nfc_record::kActionProperty, action);
} else {
std::string dbus_property = NdefRecordFieldToDBusProperty(iter.key());
if (dbus_property.empty()) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Invalid field: " << iter.key();
return false;
out->Set(dbus_property, iter.value().DeepCopy());
return true;
} // namespace
bool NfcNdefRecordToDBusAttributes(
const NfcNdefRecord* record,
base::DictionaryValue* out) {
if (!record->IsPopulated()) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Record is not populated.";
return false;
return ConvertNdefFieldsToDBusAttributes(record->data(), out);
bool RecordPropertiesToNfcNdefRecord(
const NfcRecordClient::Properties* properties,
device::NfcNdefRecord* out) {
if (out->IsPopulated()) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Record is already populated!";
return false;
NfcNdefRecord::Type type =
if (type == NfcNdefRecord::kTypeUnknown) {
LOG(ERROR) << "Record type is unknown.";
return false;
// Extract each property.
base::DictionaryValue attributes;
if (!properties->uri.value().empty())
attributes.SetString(NfcNdefRecord::kFieldURI, properties->uri.value());
if (!properties->mime_type.value().empty()) {
if (properties->size.value() != 0) {
std::string action_value =
if (!action_value.empty())
attributes.SetString(NfcNdefRecord::kFieldAction, action_value);
// The "representation", "encoding", and "language" properties will be stored
// differently, depending on whether the record type is "SmartPoster" or
// "Text".
scoped_ptr<base::DictionaryValue> text_attributes(
new base::DictionaryValue());
if (!properties->representation.value().empty()) {
if (!properties->encoding.value().empty()) {
if (!properties->language.value().empty()) {
if (!text_attributes->empty()) {
if (type == NfcNdefRecord::kTypeSmartPoster) {
base::ListValue* titles = new base::ListValue();
attributes.Set(NfcNdefRecord::kFieldTitles, titles);
} else {
// Populate the given record.
return out->Populate(type, &attributes);
} // namespace nfc_ndef_record_utils
} // namespace chromeos