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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "net/quic/crypto/crypto_framer.h"
#include "net/quic/crypto/crypto_utils.h"
#include "net/quic/quic_config.h"
#include "net/quic/quic_protocol.h"
#include "net/quic/reliable_quic_stream.h"
namespace net {
class CryptoHandshakeMessage;
class QuicSession;
// Crypto handshake messages in QUIC take place over a reserved
// reliable stream with the id 1. Each endpoint (client and server)
// will allocate an instance of a subclass of QuicCryptoStream
// to send and receive handshake messages. (In the normal 1-RTT
// handshake, the client will send a client hello, CHLO, message.
// The server will receive this message and respond with a server
// hello message, SHLO. At this point both sides will have established
// a crypto context they can use to send encrypted messages.
// For more details:
class NET_EXPORT_PRIVATE QuicCryptoStream
: public ReliableQuicStream,
public CryptoFramerVisitorInterface {
explicit QuicCryptoStream(QuicSession* session);
// CryptoFramerVisitorInterface implementation
virtual void OnError(CryptoFramer* framer) OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnHandshakeMessage(
const CryptoHandshakeMessage& message) OVERRIDE;
// ReliableQuicStream implementation
virtual uint32 ProcessRawData(const char* data, uint32 data_len) OVERRIDE;
virtual QuicPriority EffectivePriority() const OVERRIDE;
// Sends |message| to the peer.
// TODO(wtc): return a success/failure status.
void SendHandshakeMessage(const CryptoHandshakeMessage& message);
// As above, but registers |delegate| for notification when |message| has been
// ACKed by the peer.
void SendHandshakeMessage(const CryptoHandshakeMessage& message,
QuicAckNotifier::DelegateInterface* delegate);
// Performs key extraction to derive a new secret of |result_len| bytes
// dependent on |label|, |context|, and the stream's negotiated subkey secret.
// Returns false if the handshake has not been confirmed or the parameters are
// invalid (e.g. |label| contains null bytes); returns true on success.
bool ExportKeyingMaterial(base::StringPiece label,
base::StringPiece context,
size_t result_len,
std::string* result) const;
bool encryption_established() const { return encryption_established_; }
bool handshake_confirmed() const { return handshake_confirmed_; }
const QuicCryptoNegotiatedParameters& crypto_negotiated_params() const;
bool encryption_established_;
bool handshake_confirmed_;
QuicCryptoNegotiatedParameters crypto_negotiated_params_;
CryptoFramer crypto_framer_;
} // namespace net