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git log 622e36f783aa..a848c3b829ad --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-05-20 Manual recipe roll
2019-05-20 update SkUserConfig.h a bit
2019-05-20 Rework colorfilter bench
2019-05-20 simplify setColor, without needing the 4f or the colorspace
2019-05-20 Fix async_rescale_and_read_no_bleed with --preAbandonGpuContext
2019-05-20 Reland "Make SkSurface::asyncRescaleAndRead use kStrict constraint"
2019-05-20 Move explicit backend object allocation API to GrContext
2019-05-20 Move ccpr headers for display list out of include/private.
2019-05-20 remove allocs for colorfilters
2019-05-20 support for SkSL interpreter external function calls
2019-05-20 Revert "remove SkMiniPicture and co."
2019-05-20 Roll recipe dependencies (trivial).

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