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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// This file contains the declarations of the installer functions that build
// the WorkItemList used to install the application.
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "base/win/windows_types.h"
class WorkItemList;
namespace base {
class CommandLine;
class FilePath;
class Version;
} // namespace base
namespace installer {
class InstallerState;
struct InstallParams;
// This method adds work items to create (or update) Chrome uninstall entry in
// either the Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs list or in the Omaha client
// state key if running under an MSI installer.
void AddUninstallShortcutWorkItems(const InstallParams& install_params,
WorkItemList* install_list);
// Creates Chrome's Clients key (if not already present) and sets the new
// product version as the last step. Also set "lang" for user-level installs.
void AddVersionKeyWorkItems(const InstallParams& install_params,
WorkItemList* list);
// Updates the RLZ brand code or distribution tag. This is called by the
// installer to update deprecated, organic enterprise brand codes.
void AddUpdateBrandCodeWorkItem(const InstallerState& installer_state,
WorkItemList* install_list);
// Checks to see if the given brand code is one that should be updated if
// the current install is considered an enterprise install. If so the updated
// brand code is returned, otherwise an empty string is returned.
base::string16 GetUpdatedBrandCode(const base::string16& brand_code);
// After a successful copying of all the files, this function is called to
// do a few post install tasks:
// - Handle the case of in-use-update by updating "opv" (old version) key or
// deleting it if not required.
// - Register any new dlls and unregister old dlls.
// - If this is an MSI install, ensures that the MSI marker is set, and sets
// it if not.
// If these operations are successful, the function returns true, otherwise
// false.
bool AppendPostInstallTasks(const InstallParams& install_params,
WorkItemList* post_install_task_list);
// Builds the complete WorkItemList used to build the set of installation steps
// needed to lay down Chrome.
// install_params: See install_params.h
void AddInstallWorkItems(const InstallParams& install_params,
WorkItemList* install_list);
// Adds work items to |list| to register a COM server with the OS after deleting
// the old ones, which is used to handle the toast notification activation.
void AddNativeNotificationWorkItems(
HKEY root,
const base::FilePath& notification_helper_path,
WorkItemList* list);
void AddSetMsiMarkerWorkItem(const InstallerState& installer_state,
bool set,
WorkItemList* work_item_list);
// Adds work items to cleanup deprecated per-user registrations.
void AddCleanupDeprecatedPerUserRegistrationsWorkItems(WorkItemList* list);
// Adds Active Setup registration for sytem-level setup to be called by Windows
// on user-login post-install/update. This method should be called for
// installation only.
void AddActiveSetupWorkItems(const InstallerState& installer_state,
const base::Version& new_version,
WorkItemList* list);
// Utility method currently shared between and
void AppendUninstallCommandLineFlags(const InstallerState& installer_state,
base::CommandLine* uninstall_cmd);
// Adds work items to add or remove the "on-os-upgrade" command to Chrome's
// version key on the basis of the current operation (represented in
// |installer_state|). |new_version| is the version currently being installed
// -- can be empty on uninstall.
void AddOsUpgradeWorkItems(const InstallerState& installer_state,
const base::FilePath& setup_path,
const base::Version& new_version,
WorkItemList* install_list);
} // namespace installer