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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import argparse
import os
import subprocess
import sys
import time
import build_projects
import build_version
import buildbot_common
import parse_dsc
from build_paths import OUT_DIR, SRC_DIR, SDK_SRC_DIR, SCRIPT_DIR
sys.path.append(os.path.join(SDK_SRC_DIR, 'tools'))
import getos
platform = getos.GetPlatform()
import find_chrome
browser_path = find_chrome.FindChrome(SRC_DIR, ['Debug', 'Release'])
# Fall back to using CHROME_PATH (same as in
if not browser_path:
browser_path = os.environ.get('CHROME_PATH')
pepper_ver = str(int(build_version.ChromeMajorVersion()))
pepperdir = os.path.join(OUT_DIR, 'pepper_' + pepper_ver)
browser_tester_py = os.path.join(SRC_DIR, 'ppapi', 'native_client', 'tools',
'browser_tester', '')
ALL_CONFIGS = ['Debug', 'Release']
# Values you can filter by:
# name: The name of the test. (e.g. "pi_generator")
# config: See ALL_CONFIGS above.
# toolchain: See ALL_TOOLCHAINS above.
# platform: mac/win/linux.
# All keys must be matched, but any value that matches in a sequence is
# considered a match for that key. For example:
# {'name': ('pi_generator', 'input_event'), 'toolchain': ('newlib', 'pnacl')}
# Will match 8 tests:
# pi_generator.newlib_debug_test
# pi_generator.newlib_release_test
# input_event.newlib_debug_test
# input_event.newlib_release_test
# pi_generator.glibc_debug_test
# pi_generator.glibc_release_test
# input_event.glibc_debug_test
# input_event.glibc_release_test
# TODO(binji): Disable 3D examples on linux/win/mac. See
{'name': 'graphics_3d', 'platform': ('win', 'linux', 'mac')},
{'name': 'video_decode', 'platform': ('win', 'linux', 'mac')},
{'name': 'video_encode', 'platform': ('win', 'linux', 'mac')},
# TODO(sbc): Disable pi_generator on linux/win/mac. See
{'name': 'pi_generator', 'platform': ('win', 'linux', 'mac')},
# media_stream_audio uses audio input devices which are not supported.
{'name': 'media_stream_audio', 'platform': ('win', 'linux', 'mac')},
# media_stream_video uses 3D and webcam which are not supported.
{'name': 'media_stream_video', 'platform': ('win', 'linux', 'mac')},
# TODO(binji): These tests timeout on the trybots because the NEXEs take
# more than 40 seconds to load (!). See
{'name': 'nacl_io_test', 'platform': 'win', 'toolchain': 'glibc'},
# We don't test "getting_started/part1" because it would complicate the
# example.
# TODO(binji): figure out a way to inject the testing code without
# modifying the example; maybe an extension?
{'name': 'part1'},
def ValidateToolchains(toolchains):
invalid_toolchains = set(toolchains) - set(ALL_TOOLCHAINS)
if invalid_toolchains:
buildbot_common.ErrorExit('Invalid toolchain(s): %s' % (
', '.join(invalid_toolchains)))
def GetServingDirForProject(desc):
dest = desc['DEST']
path = os.path.join(pepperdir, *dest.split('/'))
return os.path.join(path, desc['NAME'])
def GetRepoServingDirForProject(desc):
# This differs from GetServingDirForProject, because it returns the location
# within the Chrome repository of the project, not the "pepperdir".
return os.path.dirname(desc['FILEPATH'])
def GetExecutableDirForProject(desc, toolchain, config):
return os.path.join(GetServingDirForProject(desc), toolchain, config)
def GetBrowserTesterCommand(desc, toolchain, config):
if browser_path is None:
buildbot_common.ErrorExit('Failed to find chrome browser using FindChrome.')
args = [
'--browser_path', browser_path,
'--timeout', '30.0', # seconds
# Prevent the infobar that shows up when requesting filesystem quota.
'--browser_flag', '--unlimited-storage',
# Prevent installing a new copy of PNaCl.
'--browser_flag', '--disable-component-update',
args.extend(['--serving_dir', GetServingDirForProject(desc)])
# Fall back on the example directory in the Chromium repo, to find test.js.
args.extend(['--serving_dir', GetRepoServingDirForProject(desc)])
# If it is not found there, fall back on the dummy one (in this directory.)
args.extend(['--serving_dir', SCRIPT_DIR])
if toolchain == platform:
exe_dir = GetExecutableDirForProject(desc, toolchain, config)
ppapi_plugin = os.path.join(exe_dir, desc['NAME'])
if platform == 'win':
ppapi_plugin += '.dll'
ppapi_plugin += '.so'
args.extend(['--ppapi_plugin', ppapi_plugin])
ppapi_plugin_mimetype = 'application/x-ppapi-%s' % config.lower()
args.extend(['--ppapi_plugin_mimetype', ppapi_plugin_mimetype])
if toolchain == 'pnacl':
args.extend(['--browser_flag', '--enable-pnacl'])
url = 'index.html'
url += '?tc=%s&config=%s&test=true' % (toolchain, config)
args.extend(['--url', url])
return args
def GetBrowserTesterEnv():
# browser_tester imports tools/valgrind/memcheck_analyze, which imports
# tools/valgrind/common. Well, it tries to, anyway, but instead imports
# common from PYTHONPATH first (which on the buildbots, is a
# common/ file...).
# Clear the PYTHONPATH so it imports the correct file.
env = dict(os.environ)
env['PYTHONPATH'] = ''
return env
def RunTestOnce(desc, toolchain, config):
args = GetBrowserTesterCommand(desc, toolchain, config)
env = GetBrowserTesterEnv()
start_time = time.time()
subprocess.check_call(args, env=env)
result = True
except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
result = False
elapsed = (time.time() - start_time) * 1000
return result, elapsed
def RunTestNTimes(desc, toolchain, config, times):
total_elapsed = 0
for _ in xrange(times):
result, elapsed = RunTestOnce(desc, toolchain, config)
total_elapsed += elapsed
if result:
# Success, stop retrying.
return result, total_elapsed
def RunTestWithGtestOutput(desc, toolchain, config, retry_on_failure_times):
test_name = GetTestName(desc, toolchain, config)
result, elapsed = RunTestNTimes(desc, toolchain, config,
WriteGtestFooter(result, test_name, elapsed)
return result
def WriteGtestHeader(test_name):
print '\n[ RUN ] %s' % test_name
def WriteGtestFooter(success, test_name, elapsed):
if success:
message = '[ OK ]'
message = '[ FAILED ]'
print '%s %s (%d ms)' % (message, test_name, elapsed)
def GetTestName(desc, toolchain, config):
return '%s.%s_%s_test' % (desc['NAME'], toolchain, config.lower())
def IsTestDisabled(desc, toolchain, config):
def AsList(value):
if not isinstance(value, (list, tuple)):
return [value]
return value
def TestMatchesDisabled(test_values, disabled_test):
for key in test_values:
if key in disabled_test:
if test_values[key] not in AsList(disabled_test[key]):
return False
return True
test_values = {
'name': desc['NAME'],
'toolchain': toolchain,
'config': config,
'platform': platform
for disabled_test in DISABLED_TESTS:
if TestMatchesDisabled(test_values, disabled_test):
return True
return False
def WriteHorizontalBar():
print '-' * 80
def WriteBanner(message):
print message
def RunAllTestsInTree(tree, toolchains, configs, retry_on_failure_times):
tests_run = 0
total_tests = 0
failed = []
disabled = []
for _, desc in parse_dsc.GenerateProjects(tree):
desc_configs = desc.get('CONFIGS', ALL_CONFIGS)
valid_toolchains = set(toolchains) & set(desc['TOOLS'])
valid_configs = set(configs) & set(desc_configs)
for toolchain in sorted(valid_toolchains):
for config in sorted(valid_configs):
test_name = GetTestName(desc, toolchain, config)
total_tests += 1
if IsTestDisabled(desc, toolchain, config):
tests_run += 1
success = RunTestWithGtestOutput(desc, toolchain, config,
if not success:
if failed:
WriteBanner('FAILED TESTS')
for test in failed:
print ' %s failed.' % test
if disabled:
for test in disabled:
print ' %s disabled.' % test
print 'Tests run: %d/%d (%d disabled).' % (
tests_run, total_tests, len(disabled))
print 'Tests succeeded: %d/%d.' % (tests_run - len(failed), tests_run)
success = len(failed) != 0
return success
def BuildAllTestsInTree(tree, toolchains, configs):
for branch, desc in parse_dsc.GenerateProjects(tree):
desc_configs = desc.get('CONFIGS', ALL_CONFIGS)
valid_toolchains = set(toolchains) & set(desc['TOOLS'])
valid_configs = set(configs) & set(desc_configs)
for toolchain in sorted(valid_toolchains):
for config in sorted(valid_configs):
name = '%s/%s' % (branch, desc['NAME'])
build_projects.BuildProjectsBranch(pepperdir, name, deps=False,
clean=False, config=config,
args=['TOOLCHAIN=%s' % toolchain])
def GetProjectTree(include):
# Everything in src is a library, and cannot be run.
exclude = {'DEST': 'src'}
return parse_dsc.LoadProjectTree(SDK_SRC_DIR, include=include,
except parse_dsc.ValidationError as e:
def main(args):
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=__doc__)
parser.add_argument('-c', '--config',
help='Choose configuration to run (Debug or Release). Runs both '
'by default', action='append')
parser.add_argument('-x', '--experimental',
help='Run experimental projects', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('-t', '--toolchain',
help='Run using toolchain. Can be passed more than once.',
action='append', default=[])
parser.add_argument('-d', '--dest',
help='Select which destinations (project types) are valid.',
parser.add_argument('-b', '--build',
help='Build each project before testing.', action='store_true')
help='Number of types to retry on failure', type=int, default=1)
parser.add_argument('projects', nargs='*')
options = parser.parse_args(args)
if not options.toolchain:
options.toolchain = ['newlib', 'glibc', 'pnacl', 'host']
if 'host' in options.toolchain:
print 'Adding platform: ' + platform
include = {}
if options.toolchain:
include['TOOLS'] = options.toolchain
print 'Filter by toolchain: ' + str(options.toolchain)
if not options.experimental:
include['EXPERIMENTAL'] = False
if options.dest:
include['DEST'] = options.dest
print 'Filter by type: ' + str(options.dest)
if options.projects:
include['NAME'] = options.projects
print 'Filter by name: ' + str(options.projects)
if not options.config:
options.config = ALL_CONFIGS
project_tree = GetProjectTree(include)
BuildAllTestsInTree(project_tree, options.toolchain, options.config)
return RunAllTestsInTree(project_tree, options.toolchain, options.config,
if __name__ == '__main__':
script_name = os.path.basename(sys.argv[0])
except parse_dsc.ValidationError as e:
buildbot_common.ErrorExit('%s: %s' % (script_name, e))
except KeyboardInterrupt:
buildbot_common.ErrorExit('%s: interrupted' % script_name)