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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "net/reporting/reporting_header_parser.h"
#include <cstring>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "base/bind.h"
#include "base/check.h"
#include "base/json/json_reader.h"
#include "base/metrics/histogram_macros.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/values.h"
#include "net/base/network_isolation_key.h"
#include "net/base/registry_controlled_domains/registry_controlled_domain.h"
#include "net/reporting/reporting_cache.h"
#include "net/reporting/reporting_context.h"
#include "net/reporting/reporting_delegate.h"
#include "net/reporting/reporting_endpoint.h"
namespace net {
namespace {
const char kUrlKey[] = "url";
const char kIncludeSubdomainsKey[] = "include_subdomains";
const char kEndpointsKey[] = "endpoints";
const char kGroupKey[] = "group";
const char kDefaultGroupName[] = "default";
const char kMaxAgeKey[] = "max_age";
const char kPriorityKey[] = "priority";
const char kWeightKey[] = "weight";
// Processes a single endpoint tuple received in a Report-To header.
// |origin| is the origin that sent the Report-To header.
// |value| is the parsed JSON value of the endpoint tuple.
// |*endpoint_out| will contain the endpoint URL parsed out of the tuple.
// Returns true on success or false if endpoint was discarded.
bool ProcessEndpoint(ReportingDelegate* delegate,
const ReportingEndpointGroupKey& group_key,
const base::Value& value,
ReportingEndpoint::EndpointInfo* endpoint_info_out) {
const base::DictionaryValue* dict = nullptr;
if (!value.GetAsDictionary(&dict))
return false;
std::string endpoint_url_string;
if (!dict->HasKey(kUrlKey))
return false;
if (!dict->GetString(kUrlKey, &endpoint_url_string))
return false;
GURL endpoint_url;
// Support path-absolute-URL string
if (std::strspn(endpoint_url_string.c_str(), "/") == 1) {
endpoint_url = group_key.origin.GetURL().Resolve(endpoint_url_string);
} else {
endpoint_url = GURL(endpoint_url_string);
if (!endpoint_url.is_valid())
return false;
if (!endpoint_url.SchemeIsCryptographic())
return false;
endpoint_info_out->url = std::move(endpoint_url);
int priority = ReportingEndpoint::EndpointInfo::kDefaultPriority;
if (dict->HasKey(kPriorityKey) && !dict->GetInteger(kPriorityKey, &priority))
return false;
if (priority < 0)
return false;
endpoint_info_out->priority = priority;
int weight = ReportingEndpoint::EndpointInfo::kDefaultWeight;
if (dict->HasKey(kWeightKey) && !dict->GetInteger(kWeightKey, &weight))
return false;
if (weight < 0)
return false;
endpoint_info_out->weight = weight;
return delegate->CanSetClient(group_key.origin, endpoint_url);
// Processes a single endpoint group tuple received in a Report-To header.
// |origin| is the origin that sent the Report-To header.
// |value| is the parsed JSON value of the endpoint group tuple.
// Returns true on successfully adding a non-empty group, or false if endpoint
// group was discarded or processed as a deletion.
bool ProcessEndpointGroup(ReportingDelegate* delegate,
ReportingCache* cache,
const NetworkIsolationKey& network_isolation_key,
const url::Origin& origin,
const base::Value& value,
ReportingEndpointGroup* parsed_endpoint_group_out) {
const base::DictionaryValue* dict = nullptr;
if (!value.GetAsDictionary(&dict))
return false;
std::string group_name = kDefaultGroupName;
if (dict->HasKey(kGroupKey) && !dict->GetString(kGroupKey, &group_name))
return false;
ReportingEndpointGroupKey group_key(network_isolation_key, origin,
parsed_endpoint_group_out->group_key = group_key;
int ttl_sec = -1;
if (!dict->HasKey(kMaxAgeKey))
return false;
if (!dict->GetInteger(kMaxAgeKey, &ttl_sec))
return false;
if (ttl_sec < 0)
return false;
// max_age: 0 signifies removal of the endpoint group.
if (ttl_sec == 0) {
return false;
parsed_endpoint_group_out->ttl = base::TimeDelta::FromSeconds(ttl_sec);
bool subdomains_bool = false;
if (dict->HasKey(kIncludeSubdomainsKey) &&
dict->GetBoolean(kIncludeSubdomainsKey, &subdomains_bool) &&
subdomains_bool == true) {
// Disallow eTLDs from setting include_subdomains endpoint groups.
if (registry_controlled_domains::GetRegistryLength(
registry_controlled_domains::INCLUDE_PRIVATE_REGISTRIES) == 0) {
return false;
parsed_endpoint_group_out->include_subdomains = OriginSubdomains::INCLUDE;
const base::ListValue* endpoint_list = nullptr;
if (!dict->HasKey(kEndpointsKey))
return false;
if (!dict->GetList(kEndpointsKey, &endpoint_list))
return false;
std::vector<ReportingEndpoint::EndpointInfo> endpoints;
for (size_t i = 0; i < endpoint_list->GetSize(); i++) {
const base::Value* endpoint = nullptr;
bool got_endpoint = endpoint_list->Get(i, &endpoint);
ReportingEndpoint::EndpointInfo parsed_endpoint;
if (ProcessEndpoint(delegate, group_key, *endpoint, &parsed_endpoint))
// Remove the group if it is empty.
if (endpoints.empty()) {
return false;
parsed_endpoint_group_out->endpoints = std::move(endpoints);
return true;
} // namespace
// static
void ReportingHeaderParser::ParseHeader(
ReportingContext* context,
const NetworkIsolationKey& network_isolation_key,
const GURL& url,
std::unique_ptr<base::Value> value) {
const base::ListValue* group_list = nullptr;
bool is_list = value->GetAsList(&group_list);
ReportingDelegate* delegate = context->delegate();
ReportingCache* cache = context->cache();
url::Origin origin = url::Origin::Create(url);
std::vector<ReportingEndpointGroup> parsed_header;
for (size_t i = 0; i < group_list->GetSize(); i++) {
const base::Value* group_value = nullptr;
bool got_group = group_list->Get(i, &group_value);
ReportingEndpointGroup parsed_endpoint_group;
if (ProcessEndpointGroup(delegate, cache, network_isolation_key, origin,
*group_value, &parsed_endpoint_group)) {
// Remove the client if it has no valid endpoint groups.
if (parsed_header.empty()) {
// TODO(chlily): Pass NIK to cache.
cache->RemoveClient(NetworkIsolationKey::Todo(), origin);
cache->OnParsedHeader(network_isolation_key, origin,
} // namespace net