Web Bluetooth API Web Tests

This directory contains Chromium only Web Bluetooth API web tests.

The Web Bluetooth specification is implemented by the Web Bluetooth Service in //content/browser/bluetooth. See the Web Bluetooth Service README for more details.

Test Refactoring Effort

The tests in this directory are currently undergoing a refactoring in order to migrate them into //third_party/blink/web_tests/external/wpt/bluetooth so that other implementers are able to reuse the tests for their own implementation. See the web-platform-tests Bluetooth README for more details.

These tests are currently using the legacy BluetoothFakeAdapter test infrastructure which defines several mock Bluetooth devices with specific characteristics and behaviors. This test infrastructure lacks granular control over the test devices, which ends up requiring workarounds and hacks resulting in flaky tests. The new FakeBluetooth test infrastructure produces dynamic test devices that can be controlled during a test. For more details on the refactoring effort, see the Web Bluetooth Testing design document.

TODO(https://crbug.com/509038): Update this document when the remaining tests have been submitted to W3C Web Platform Tests.

There are still a few APIs missing from FakeBluetooth that need to be implemented in order to refactor the remaining tests in this directory. A list of the APIs needed by these tests can be found in the Web Bluetooth Test API Dependencies spreadsheet.

TODO(https://crbug.com/569709) : Update this document when the remaining FakeBluetooth APIs are implemented.

Generated Tests

Several Web Bluetooth tests share common test logic. For these tests, the script-tests directory contains templates that are used by the generate.py script to create several tests from these templates. The templates are JavaScript files that contain a CALLS() keyword with functions delimited by a | character. A test will be created for each function in the CALLS() by generate.py. Note that for each subdirectory in script-tests there is a matching directory under bluetooth. The generator will expand CALLS functions into the corresponding directory.


The ./script-tests/server/get-same-object.js contains the following code:


The functions in CALLS() will be expanded to generate 3 test files prefixed with gen-:


Generate Tests

To generate the tests in script-tests, run the following command from the source root:

$ python third_party/blink/web_tests/bluetooth/generate.py

To check that generated tests are correct and that there are no obsolete tests, or tests for which a template does not exist anymore, run:

$ python third_party/blink/web_tests/bluetooth/generate_test.py

More details can be found in generate.py and generate_test.py.

Resources and Documentation

Mailing list: web-bluetooth@chromium.org

Bug tracker: Blink>Bluetooth