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# Defines the Chromium style for automatic reformatting.
BasedOnStyle: Chromium
# This defaults to 'Auto'. Explicitly set it for a while, so that
# 'vector<vector<int> >' in existing files gets formatted to
# 'vector<vector<int>>'. ('Auto' means that clang-format will only use
# 'int>>' if the file already contains at least one such instance.)
Standard: Cpp11
Language: Java
# See for information about this section.
IndentWidth: 4
ContinuationIndentWidth: 8
ColumnLimit: 100
AllowShortBlocksOnASingleLine: false
AllowShortFunctionsOnASingleLine: None
AllowShortIfStatementsOnASingleLine: true
BreakBeforeBinaryOperators: NonAssignment
Cpp11BracedListStyle: false # but see