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layer at (0,0) size 800x600
LayoutView at (0,0) size 800x600
layer at (0,0) size 800x600
LayoutBlockFlow {HTML} at (0,0) size 800x600
LayoutBlockFlow {BODY} at (8,8) size 784x576
LayoutBlockFlow {P} at (0,0) size 784x20
LayoutText {#text} at (0,0) size 593x19
text run at (0,0) width 492: "This tests that the size of the list marker is not effected by the width of the border. "
text run at (492,0) width 101: "See bug #11957"
LayoutBlockFlow {UL} at (0,36) size 784x40 [border: (10px dashed #000000)]
LayoutListItem {LI} at (50,10) size 724x20
LayoutListMarker (anonymous) at (-18,0) size 7x19: bullet
LayoutText {#text} at (0,0) size 251x19
text run at (0,0) width 251: "The list-marker should be the normal size."