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# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import functools
import logging
import os
import shlex
import sys
def memoize(default=None):
"""This decorator caches the return value of a parameterless pure function"""
def memoizer(func):
val = []
def inner():
if not val:
ret = func()
val.append(ret if ret is not None else default)
if logging.getLogger().isEnabledFor(logging.INFO):
print '%s -> %r' % (func.__name__, val[0])
return val[0]
return inner
return memoizer
def IsWindows():
return sys.platform in ['win32', 'cygwin']
def IsLinux():
return sys.platform.startswith(('linux', 'freebsd'))
def IsMac():
return sys.platform == 'darwin'
def gyp_defines():
"""Parses and returns GYP_DEFINES env var as a dictionary."""
return dict(arg.split('=', 1)
for arg in shlex.split(os.environ.get('GYP_DEFINES', '')))
def gyp_msvs_version():
return os.environ.get('GYP_MSVS_VERSION', '')
def distributor():
Returns a string which is the distributed build engine in use (if any).
Possible values: 'goma', 'ib', ''
if 'goma' in gyp_defines():
return 'goma'
elif IsWindows():
if 'CHROME_HEADLESS' in os.environ:
return 'ib' # use (win and !goma and headless) as approximation of ib
def platform():
Returns a string representing the platform this build is targetted for.
Possible values: 'win', 'mac', 'linux', 'ios', 'android'
if 'OS' in gyp_defines():
if 'android' in gyp_defines()['OS']:
return 'android'
return gyp_defines()['OS']
elif IsWindows():
return 'win'
elif IsLinux():
return 'linux'
return 'mac'
def builder():
Returns a string representing the build engine (not compiler) to use.
Possible values: 'make', 'ninja', 'xcode', 'msvs', 'scons'
if 'GYP_GENERATORS' in os.environ:
# for simplicity, only support the first explicit generator
generator = os.environ['GYP_GENERATORS'].split(',')[0]
if generator.endswith('-android'):
return generator.split('-')[0]
elif generator.endswith('-ninja'):
return 'ninja'
return generator
if platform() == 'android':
# Good enough for now? Do any android bots use make?
return 'ninja'
elif platform() == 'ios':
return 'xcode'
elif IsWindows():
return 'ninja'
elif IsLinux():
return 'ninja'
elif IsMac():
return 'ninja'
assert False, 'Don\'t know what builder we\'re using!'