Migrate back context storage data to original location

The original CL
caused local storage and database to be lost since they were
not migrated together when the context storage root path was
changed into Default/ subdirectory.

Currently, M79 is rolled out at 50%, and there is new data that
the user might have created. With this change, that new data will
remain in Default/ subdirectory, and the old data from M78 will
be picked up and used.

For those who are not yet updated to M79, there shouldn't be any
change when they update to the patched M79.

In this CL, we revert the original commit, and also do the following:

1) Migrate data files back from 'Default' to the original location.
2) This also fixes 'pref_store' to be consistent with

Alternatives considered:
- Migrate all the missed files and directories with the exception of
  a block list: this is risky and less maintainable.


Revert "[aw] Reorganize profile data on disk."

This reverts commit 3a2cf9c489ef354c296fde91bf81b1cb991c9515.


(cherry picked from commit ff3405370d9ec469b11696ed3e085f45afae49f3)

Tested: Checked that migrated data files move to the original
Tested: Passes https://crbug.com/1033655#c29
Bug: 1033655
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