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Name: Android Explicit Synchronization
Description: libsync helper library.
Version: a7c7bce252a6bce1539e9caa84420de3698029e7
Security Critical: yes
License: Apache 2.0
- Added include/linux/sync.h
- Added include/linux/sw_sync.h
- Added strlcpy.c
To import a new snapshot of libsync:
- Clone the core repository and checkout new version:
git clone
git -C core checkout a7c7bce252a6bce1539e9caa84420de3698029e7
- Update files:
cp core/libsync/sync.c sync.c
cp core/libsync/sw_sync.h include/sw_sync.h
cp core/libsync/include/sync/sync.h include/sync/sync.h
- Update this README to reflect the new version number.