Fix missing DevTool message for cross-site subframe download

The issue: Devtools msg missing when (1)Devtools is open before page load &&
(2)the message is logged in OnResponseStarted::OnResponseStarted && (3)the
response is a download && (4)the frame logging the message is a cross-site

This is rooted from calling the detach_callback in
TargetAutoAttacher::AutoAttachToFrame. Specifically, for a navigation to
download that occurs in a cross-site subframe, in
TargetAutoAttacher::AutoAttachToFrame, the |old_cross_process| is always true,
and the |new_cross_process| is false because RFH was set to null for download in

The simplest fix seems to be we skip detaching the host when it's not going to
commit by checking if RFH is nullptr.

This CL also has another small fix: the check for |is_download_| is changed to
|is_download| in 2 sites in NavigationRequest::OnResponseStarted, as in those
2 sites, it should check whether the navigation has turned into a download,
regardless whether he download was intervened or not.

Bug: 961486
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