clang package: Stop shipping 32-bit asan on win, and 32-bit libraries on linux.

See "Does anyone use the 32-bit asan runtime on Windows?" on chromium-dev
for Windows. (We sadly still need the 32-bit profile library, so the build
script doesn't get any simpler.)

We haven't supported 32-bit builds on linux in a while, so those libs should
be safe to remove as well.

If anyone needs these, shout and we can add them back.

Also use ' instead of " for strings added in my previous change.

Linux package size: 48.73MB -> 47.49MB; main build 3924 -> 3526 build steps.
Windows package size 43.49MB -> 41.56MB; 32-bit compiler-rt build 207 -> 18 build steps.

Bug: 959966
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