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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "extensions/common/switches.h"
namespace extensions {
namespace switches {
// Allows non-https URL for background_page for hosted apps.
const char kAllowHTTPBackgroundPage[] = "allow-http-background-page";
// Allows the browser to load extensions that lack a modern manifest when that
// would otherwise be forbidden.
const char kAllowLegacyExtensionManifests[] =
// Enables extension options to be embedded in chrome://extensions rather than
// a new tab.
const char kEmbeddedExtensionOptions[] = "embedded-extension-options";
// Enable BLE Advertisiing in apps.
const char kEnableBLEAdvertising[] = "enable-ble-advertising-in-apps";
const char kDisableDesktopCaptureAudio[] =
// Hack so that feature switch can work with about_flags. See
// kEnableScriptsRequireAction.
const char kEnableEmbeddedExtensionOptions[] =
// Enables extension APIs that are in development.
const char kEnableExperimentalExtensionApis[] =
// Enables extensions to hide bookmarks UI elements.
const char kEnableOverrideBookmarksUI[] = "enable-override-bookmarks-ui";
// Enables tab for desktop sharing.
const char kDisableTabForDesktopShare[] = "disable-tab-for-desktop-share";
// Allows the ErrorConsole to collect runtime and manifest errors, and display
// them in the chrome:extensions page.
const char kErrorConsole[] = "error-console";
// Marks a renderer as extension process.
const char kExtensionProcess[] = "extension-process";
// Enables extensions running scripts on chrome:// URLs.
// Extensions still need to explicitly request access to chrome:// URLs in the
// manifest.
const char kExtensionsOnChromeURLs[] = "extensions-on-chrome-urls";
// Whether to force developer mode extensions highlighting.
const char kForceDevModeHighlighting[] = "force-dev-mode-highlighting";
// Path to a comma-separated list of apps to load at startup. The first app in
// the list will be launched.
const char kLoadApps[] = "load-apps";
// Notify the user and require consent for extensions running scripts.
// Appending --scripts-require-action=1 has the same effect as
// --enable-scripts-require-action (see below).
const char kScriptsRequireAction[] = "scripts-require-action";
// FeatureSwitch and about_flags don't play nice. Feature switch expects either
// --enable-<feature> or --<feature>=1, but about_flags expects the command
// line argument to enable it (or a selection). Hack this in, so enabling it
// in about_flags enables the feature. Appending this flag has the same effect
// as --scripts-require-action=1.
const char kEnableScriptsRequireAction[] = "enable-scripts-require-action";
#if defined(CHROMIUM_BUILD)
// Should we prompt the user before allowing external extensions to install?
// This flag is available on Chromium for testing purposes.
const char kPromptForExternalExtensions[] = "prompt-for-external-extensions";
// Makes component extensions appear in chrome://settings/extensions.
const char kShowComponentExtensionOptions[] =
// Adds the given extension ID to all the permission whitelists.
const char kWhitelistedExtensionID[] = "whitelisted-extension-id";
// Pass launch source to platform apps.
const char kTraceAppSource[] = "enable-trace-app-source";
// Enables the use of C++-based extension bindings (instead of JS generation).
const char kNativeCrxBindings[] = "native-crx-bindings";
// Enable package hash check: the .crx file sha256 hash sum should be equal to
// the one received from update manifest.
const char kEnableCrxHashCheck[] = "enable-crx-hash-check";
// Whether to split content script injections into multiple tasks.
const char kYieldBetweenContentScriptRuns[] =
} // namespace switches
} // namespace extensions