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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module content.mojom;
import "components/leveldb/public/interfaces/leveldb.mojom";
// Gives information about changes to a LevelDB database.
// Note that observer methods are called before the callbacks for the
// LevelDBWrapper methods are run.
interface LevelDBObserver {
KeyAdded(array<uint8> key, array<uint8> value, string source);
KeyChanged(array<uint8> key, array<uint8> new_value, array<uint8> old_value,
string source);
KeyDeleted(array<uint8> key, array<uint8> old_value, string source);
AllDeleted(string source);
struct KeyValue {
array<uint8> key;
array<uint8> value;
// Since the GetAll call is synchronous, LevelDBWrapper users need this
// asynchronously delivered notification to avoid applying changes to the
// returned array that it already contains. This is not sent over the
// normal LevelDBObserver interface as there can be many observers and
// only the connection that made the GetAll call needs to be notified of
// its completion.
interface LevelDBWrapperGetAllCallback {
Complete(bool success);
// A wrapper around leveldb that supports giving notifications when values
// change.
interface LevelDBWrapper {
AddObserver(associated LevelDBObserver observer);
// Sets the database entry for |key| to |value|. Returns OK on success.
Put(array<uint8> key, array<uint8> value, string source) => (bool success);
// Remove the database entry (if any) for |key|. Returns OK on success, and a
// non-OK status on error. It is not an error if |key| did not exist in the
// database.
Delete(array<uint8> key, string source) => (bool success);
// Removes all the entries.
DeleteAll(string source) => (bool success);
// Returns the value of the |key|.
Get(array<uint8> key) => (bool success, array<uint8> value);
// Only used with small databases. Returns all key/value pairs.
GetAll(associated LevelDBWrapperGetAllCallback complete_callback)
=> (leveldb.mojom.DatabaseError status, array<KeyValue> data);