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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module content.mojom;
import "content/common/native_types.mojom";
import "ipc/ipc.mojom";
import "mojo/common/time.mojom";
import "ui/gfx/geometry/mojo/geometry.mojom";
import "ui/gfx/mojo/icc_profile.mojom";
struct CreateViewParams {
// Renderer-wide preferences.
RendererPreferences renderer_preferences;
// Preferences for this view.
WebPreferences web_preferences;
// The ID of the view to be created.
int32 view_id = IPC.mojom.kRoutingIdNone;
// The ID of the main frame hosted in the view.
int32 main_frame_routing_id = IPC.mojom.kRoutingIdNone;
// The ID of the widget for the main frame.
int32 main_frame_widget_routing_id = IPC.mojom.kRoutingIdNone;
// The session storage namespace ID this view should use.
int64 session_storage_namespace_id;
// The route ID of the opener RenderFrame or RenderFrameProxy, if we need to
// set one (MSG_ROUTING_NONE otherwise).
int32 opener_frame_route_id = IPC.mojom.kRoutingIdNone;
// Whether the RenderView should initially be swapped out.
bool swapped_out;
// Carries replicated information, such as frame name and sandbox flags, for
// this view's main frame, which will be a proxy in |swapped_out|
// views when in --site-per-process mode, or a RenderFrame in all other
// cases.
FrameReplicationState replicated_frame_state;
// The ID of the proxy object for the main frame in this view. It is only
// used if |swapped_out| is true.
int32 proxy_routing_id = IPC.mojom.kRoutingIdNone;
// Whether the RenderView should initially be hidden.
bool hidden;
// Whether the RenderView will never be visible.
bool never_visible;
// Whether the window associated with this view was created with an opener.
bool window_was_created_with_opener;
// The initial renderer size.
ResizeParams initial_size;
// Whether to enable auto-resize.
bool enable_auto_resize;
// The minimum size to layout the page if auto-resize is enabled.
gfx.mojom.Size min_size;
// The maximum size to layout the page if auto-resize is enabled.
gfx.mojom.Size max_size;
// The page zoom level.
double page_zoom_level;
// The ICC profile of the output color space to use for image decode.
gfx.mojom.ICCProfile image_decode_color_space;
struct CreateFrameWidgetParams {
// Gives the routing ID for the RenderWidget that will be attached to the
// new RenderFrame. If the RenderFrame does not need a RenderWidget, this
// is MSG_ROUTING_NONE and the other parameters are not read.
int32 routing_id;
// Tells the new RenderWidget whether it is initially hidden.
bool hidden;
struct CreateFrameParams {
// Specifies the routing ID of the new RenderFrame object.
int32 routing_id;
// If a valid |proxy_routing_id| is provided, the new frame will be
// configured to replace the proxy on commit.
int32 proxy_routing_id;
// Specifies the new frame's opener. The opener will be null if this is
int32 opener_routing_id;
// The new frame should be created as a child of the object
// identified by |parent_routing_id| or as top level if that is
int32 parent_routing_id;
// Identifies the previous sibling of the new frame, so that the new frame is
// inserted into the correct place in the frame tree. If this is
// MSG_ROUTING_NONE, the frame will be created as the leftmost child of its
// parent frame, in front of any other children.
int32 previous_sibling_routing_id;
// When the new frame has a parent, |replication_state| holds the new frame's
// properties replicated from the process rendering the parent frame, such as
// the new frame's sandbox flags.
FrameReplicationState replication_state;
// When the new frame has a parent, |frame_owner_properties| holds the
// properties of the HTMLFrameOwnerElement from the parent process.
// Note that unlike FrameReplicationState, this is not replicated for remote
// frames.
FrameOwnerProperties frame_owner_properties;
// Specifies properties for a new RenderWidget that will be attached to the
// new RenderFrame (if one is needed).
CreateFrameWidgetParams widget_params;
struct UpdateScrollbarThemeParams {
float initial_button_delay;
float autoscroll_button_delay;
bool jump_on_track_click;
ScrollerStyle preferred_scroller_style;
bool redraw;
ScrollbarButtonsPlacement button_placement;
bool scroll_view_rubber_banding;
// The primordial Channel-associated interface implemented by a render process.
// This should be used for implementing browser-to-renderer control messages
// which need to retain FIFO with respect to legacy IPC messages.
interface Renderer {
// Tells the renderer to create a new view.
CreateView(CreateViewParams params);
// Tells the renderer to create a new RenderFrame.
CreateFrame(CreateFrameParams params);
// Tells the renderer to create a new RenderFrameProxy object with
// |routing_id|. |render_view_routing_id| identifies the
// RenderView to be associated with this proxy. The new proxy's opener should
// be set to the object identified by |opener_routing_id|, or to null if that
// is MSG_ROUTING_NONE. The new proxy should be created as a child of the
// object identified by |parent_routing_id| or as top level if that is
CreateFrameProxy(int32 routing_id, int32 render_view_routing_id,
int32 opener_routing_id, int32 parent_routing_id,
FrameReplicationState replication_state);
// Tells the renderer that the network type has changed so that
// navigator.onLine and navigator.connection can be updated.
OnNetworkConnectionChanged(NetworkConnectionType connection_type,
double max_bandwidth_mbps);
// Tells the renderer process that the network quality estimate has changed.
// EffectiveConnectionType is the connection type whose typical performance is
// most similar to the measured performance of the network in use.
// The downstream throughput is computed in kilobits per second. If an
// estimate of the HTTP or transport RTT is unavailable, it will be set to
// net::nqe::internal::InvalidRTT(). If the throughput estimate is
// unavailable, it will be set to net::nqe::internal::kInvalidThroughput.
OnNetworkQualityChanged(EffectiveConnectionType effective_connection_type,
mojo.common.mojom.TimeDelta http_rtt,
mojo.common.mojom.TimeDelta transport_rtt,
double bandwidth_kbps);
// Tells the renderer to suspend/resume the webkit timers. Only for use on
// Android.
SetWebKitSharedTimersSuspended(bool suspend);
// Tells the renderer about a scrollbar appearance change. Only for use on
// OS X.
UpdateScrollbarTheme(UpdateScrollbarThemeParams params);
// Notification that the OS X Aqua color preferences changed.
OnSystemColorsChanged(int32 aqua_color_variant, string highlight_text_color,
string highlight_color);
// Tells the renderer to empty its plugin list cache, optional reloading
// pages containing plugins.
PurgePluginListCache(bool reload_pages);