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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "storage/browser/quota/quota_client.h"
#include "storage/browser/quota/quota_manager_proxy.h"
#include "storage/browser/test/mock_quota_manager.h"
#include "storage/common/quota/quota_types.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
using storage::QuotaManagerProxy;
namespace content {
class MockQuotaManager;
class MockQuotaManagerProxy : public QuotaManagerProxy {
// It is ok to give NULL to |quota_manager|.
MockQuotaManagerProxy(MockQuotaManager* quota_manager,
base::SingleThreadTaskRunner* task_runner);
void RegisterClient(QuotaClient* client) override;
void SimulateQuotaManagerDestroyed();
// We don't mock them.
void NotifyOriginInUse(const GURL& origin) override {}
void NotifyOriginNoLongerInUse(const GURL& origin) override {}
void SetUsageCacheEnabled(QuotaClient::ID client_id,
const GURL& origin,
StorageType type,
bool enabled) override {}
void GetUsageAndQuota(
base::SequencedTaskRunner* original_task_runner,
const GURL& origin,
StorageType type,
const QuotaManager::UsageAndQuotaCallback& callback) override;
// Validates the |client_id| and updates the internal access count
// which can be accessed via notify_storage_accessed_count().
// The also records the |origin| and |type| in last_notified_origin_ and
// last_notified_type_.
void NotifyStorageAccessed(QuotaClient::ID client_id,
const GURL& origin,
StorageType type) override;
// Records the |origin|, |type| and |delta| as last_notified_origin_,
// last_notified_type_ and last_notified_delta_ respecitvely.
// If non-null MockQuotaManager is given to the constructor this also
// updates the manager's internal usage information.
void NotifyStorageModified(QuotaClient::ID client_id,
const GURL& origin,
StorageType type,
int64_t delta) override;
int notify_storage_accessed_count() const { return storage_accessed_count_; }
int notify_storage_modified_count() const { return storage_modified_count_; }
GURL last_notified_origin() const { return last_notified_origin_; }
StorageType last_notified_type() const { return last_notified_type_; }
int64_t last_notified_delta() const { return last_notified_delta_; }
~MockQuotaManagerProxy() override;
MockQuotaManager* mock_manager() const {
return static_cast<MockQuotaManager*>(quota_manager());
int storage_accessed_count_;
int storage_modified_count_;
GURL last_notified_origin_;
StorageType last_notified_type_;
int64_t last_notified_delta_;
QuotaClient* registered_client_;
} // namespace content