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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <windows.h>
#include <string>
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "ui/base/ime/input_method_base.h"
#include "ui/base/ime/win/imm32_manager.h"
namespace ui {
// A common InputMethod implementation based on IMM32.
class UI_BASE_IME_EXPORT InputMethodWin : public InputMethodBase {
InputMethodWin(internal::InputMethodDelegate* delegate,
HWND toplevel_window_handle);
~InputMethodWin() override;
// Overridden from InputMethodBase:
void OnFocus() override;
// Overridden from InputMethod:
bool OnUntranslatedIMEMessage(const base::NativeEvent& event,
NativeEventResult* result) override;
ui::EventDispatchDetails DispatchKeyEvent(ui::KeyEvent* event) override;
void OnTextInputTypeChanged(const TextInputClient* client) override;
void OnCaretBoundsChanged(const TextInputClient* client) override;
void CancelComposition(const TextInputClient* client) override;
void OnInputLocaleChanged() override;
bool IsInputLocaleCJK() const override;
bool IsCandidatePopupOpen() const override;
// Overridden from InputMethodBase:
// If a derived class overrides this method, it should call parent's
// implementation.
void OnWillChangeFocusedClient(TextInputClient* focused_before,
TextInputClient* focused) override;
void OnDidChangeFocusedClient(TextInputClient* focused_before,
TextInputClient* focused) override;
// For both WM_CHAR and WM_SYSCHAR
LRESULT OnChar(HWND window_handle,
UINT message,
WPARAM wparam,
LPARAM lparam,
const base::NativeEvent& event,
BOOL* handled);
LRESULT OnImeSetContext(HWND window_handle,
UINT message,
WPARAM wparam,
LPARAM lparam,
BOOL* handled);
LRESULT OnImeStartComposition(HWND window_handle,
UINT message,
WPARAM wparam,
LPARAM lparam,
BOOL* handled);
LRESULT OnImeComposition(HWND window_handle,
UINT message,
WPARAM wparam,
LPARAM lparam,
BOOL* handled);
LRESULT OnImeEndComposition(HWND window_handle,
UINT message,
WPARAM wparam,
LPARAM lparam,
BOOL* handled);
LRESULT OnImeNotify(UINT message,
WPARAM wparam,
LPARAM lparam,
BOOL* handled);
// Some IMEs rely on WM_IME_REQUEST message even when TSF is enabled. So
// OnImeRequest (and its actual implementations as OnDocumentFeed,
// OnReconvertString, and OnQueryCharPosition) are placed in this base class.
LRESULT OnImeRequest(UINT message,
WPARAM wparam,
LPARAM lparam,
BOOL* handled);
LRESULT OnReconvertString(RECONVERTSTRING* reconv);
LRESULT OnQueryCharPosition(IMECHARPOSITION* char_positon);
void RefreshInputLanguage();
// Returns true if the Win32 native window bound to |client| is considered
// to be ready for receiving keyboard input.
bool IsWindowFocused(const TextInputClient* client) const;
ui::EventDispatchDetails DispatchFabricatedKeyEvent(ui::KeyEvent* event);
// Asks the client to confirm current composition text.
void ConfirmCompositionText();
// Enables or disables the IME according to the current text input type.
void UpdateIMEState();
// Callback function for IMEEngineHandlerInterface::ProcessKeyEvent.
void ProcessKeyEventDone(ui::KeyEvent* event,
const std::vector<MSG>* char_msgs,
bool is_handled);
ui::EventDispatchDetails ProcessUnhandledKeyEvent(
ui::KeyEvent* event,
const std::vector<MSG>* char_msgs);
// Windows IMM32 wrapper.
// (See "ui/base/ime/win/ime_input.h" for its details.)
ui::IMM32Manager imm32_manager_;
// The toplevel window handle.
// On non-Aura environment, this value is not used and always NULL.
const HWND toplevel_window_handle_;
// The new text direction and layout alignment requested by the user by
// pressing ctrl-shift. It'll be sent to the text input client when the key
// is released.
base::i18n::TextDirection pending_requested_direction_;
// Represents if WM_CHAR[wparam=='\r'] should be dispatched to the focused
// text input client or ignored silently. This flag is introduced as a quick
// workaround against
// TODO(yukawa, IME): Figure out long-term solution.
bool accept_carriage_return_;
// True when an IME should be allowed to process key events.
bool enabled_;
// True if we know for sure that a candidate window is open.
bool is_candidate_popup_open_;
// Window handle where composition is on-going. NULL when there is no
// composition.
HWND composing_window_handle_;
// Used for making callbacks.
base::WeakPtrFactory<InputMethodWin> weak_ptr_factory_;
} // namespace ui