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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// Request and reply to the "checkin server" devices poll every few hours.
syntax = "proto2";
option optimize_for = LITE_RUNTIME;
option retain_unknown_fields = true;
package checkin_proto;
import "android_checkin.proto";
// A concrete name/value pair sent to the device's Gservices database.
message GservicesSetting {
required bytes name = 1;
required bytes value = 2;
// Devices send this every few hours to tell us how they're doing.
message AndroidCheckinRequest {
// IMEI (used by GSM phones) is sent and stored as 15 decimal
// digits; the 15th is a check digit.
optional string imei = 1; // IMEI, reported but not logged.
// MEID (used by CDMA phones) is sent and stored as 14 hexadecimal
// digits (no check digit).
optional string meid = 10; // MEID, reported but not logged.
// MAC address (used by non-phone devices). 12 hexadecimal digits;
// no separators (eg "0016E6513AC2", not "00:16:E6:51:3A:C2").
repeated string mac_addr = 9; // MAC address, reported but not logged.
// An array parallel to mac_addr, describing the type of interface.
// Currently accepted values: "wifi", "ethernet", "bluetooth". If
// not present, "wifi" is assumed.
repeated string mac_addr_type = 19;
// Serial number (a manufacturer-defined unique hardware
// identifier). Alphanumeric, case-insensitive.
optional string serial_number = 16;
// Older CDMA networks use an ESN (8 hex digits) instead of an MEID.
optional string esn = 17; // ESN, reported but not logged
optional int64 id = 2; // Android device ID, not logged
optional int64 logging_id = 7; // Pseudonymous logging ID for Sawmill
optional string digest = 3; // Digest of device provisioning, not logged.
optional string locale = 6; // Current locale in standard (xx_XX) format
required AndroidCheckinProto checkin = 4;
// DEPRECATED, see AndroidCheckinProto.requested_group
optional string desired_build = 5;
// Blob of data from the Market app to be passed to Market API server
optional string market_checkin = 8;
// SID cookies of any google accounts stored on the phone. Not logged.
repeated string account_cookie = 11;
// Time zone. Not currently logged.
optional string time_zone = 12;
// Security token used to validate the checkin request.
// Required for android IDs issued to Froyo+ devices, not for legacy IDs.
optional fixed64 security_token = 13;
// Version of checkin protocol.
// There are currently two versions:
// - version field missing: android IDs are assigned based on
// hardware identifiers. unsecured in the sense that you can
// "unregister" someone's phone by sending a registration request
// with their IMEI/MEID/MAC.
// - version=2: android IDs are assigned randomly. The device is
// sent a security token that must be included in all future
// checkins for that android id.
// - version=3: same as version 2, but the 'fragment' field is
// provided, and the device understands incremental updates to the
// gservices table (ie, only returning the keys whose values have
// changed.)
// (version=1 was skipped to avoid confusion with the "missing"
// version field that is effectively version 1.)
optional int32 version = 14;
// OTA certs accepted by device (base-64 SHA-1 of cert files). Not
// logged.
repeated string ota_cert = 15;
// Honeycomb and newer devices send configuration data with their checkin.
// optional DeviceConfigurationProto device_configuration = 18;
// A single CheckinTask on the device may lead to multiple checkin
// requests if there is too much log data to upload in a single
// request. For version 3 and up, this field will be filled in with
// the number of the request, starting with 0.
optional int32 fragment = 20;
// For devices supporting multiple users, the name of the current
// profile (they all check in independently, just as if they were
// multiple physical devices). This may not be set, even if the
// device is using multiuser. (checkin.user_number should be set to
// the ordinal of the user.)
optional string user_name = 21;
// For devices supporting multiple user profiles, the serial number
// for the user checking in. Not logged. May not be set, even if
// the device supportes multiuser. checkin.user_number is the
// ordinal of the user (0, 1, 2, ...), which may be reused if users
// are deleted and re-created. user_serial_number is never reused
// (unless the device is wiped).
optional int32 user_serial_number = 22;
// NEXT TAG: 23
// The response to the device.
message AndroidCheckinResponse {
required bool stats_ok = 1; // Whether statistics were recorded properly.
optional int64 time_msec = 3; // Time of day from server (Java epoch).
// repeated AndroidIntentProto intent = 2;
// Provisioning is sent if the request included an obsolete digest.
// For version <= 2, 'digest' contains the digest that should be
// sent back to the server on the next checkin, and 'setting'
// contains the entire gservices table (which replaces the entire
// current table on the device).
// for version >= 3, 'digest' will be absent. If 'settings_diff'
// is false, then 'setting' contains the entire table, as in version
// 2. If 'settings_diff' is true, then 'delete_setting' contains
// the keys to delete, and 'setting' contains only keys to be added
// or for which the value has changed. All other keys in the
// current table should be left untouched. If 'settings_diff' is
// absent, don't touch the existing gservices table.
optional string digest = 4;
optional bool settings_diff = 9;
repeated string delete_setting = 10;
repeated GservicesSetting setting = 5;
optional bool market_ok = 6; // If Market got the market_checkin data OK.
optional fixed64 android_id = 7; // From the request, or newly assigned
optional fixed64 security_token = 8; // The associated security token
optional string version_info = 11;
// NEXT TAG: 12