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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "net/base/ip_endpoint.h"
#include "net/quic/quic_framer.h"
#include "net/quic/quic_packet_creator.h"
#include "net/quic/quic_protocol.h"
#include "net/tools/balsa/balsa_frame.h"
#include "net/tools/epoll_server/epoll_server.h"
#include "net/tools/quic/quic_client.h"
#include "net/tools/quic/test_tools/simple_client.h"
namespace net {
class ProofVerifier;
namespace tools {
class QuicPacketWriterWrapper;
namespace test {
class HTTPMessage;
class MockableQuicClient;
// A quic client which allows mocking out writes.
class MockableQuicClient : public QuicClient {
MockableQuicClient(IPEndPoint server_address,
const QuicServerId& server_id,
const QuicVersionVector& supported_versions,
EpollServer* epoll_server);
MockableQuicClient(IPEndPoint server_address,
const QuicServerId& server_id,
const QuicConfig& config,
const QuicVersionVector& supported_versions,
EpollServer* epoll_server);
~MockableQuicClient() override;
QuicPacketWriter* CreateQuicPacketWriter() override;
QuicConnectionId GenerateConnectionId() override;
void UseWriter(QuicPacketWriterWrapper* writer);
void UseConnectionId(QuicConnectionId connection_id);
QuicConnectionId override_connection_id_; // ConnectionId to use, if nonzero
QuicPacketWriterWrapper* test_writer_;
// A toy QUIC client used for testing, mostly following the SimpleClient APIs.
class QuicTestClient : public SimpleClient,
public QuicDataStream::Visitor {
QuicTestClient(IPEndPoint server_address,
const std::string& server_hostname,
bool secure,
const QuicVersionVector& supported_versions);
QuicTestClient(IPEndPoint server_address,
const std::string& server_hostname,
bool secure,
const QuicConfig& config,
const QuicVersionVector& supported_versions);
~QuicTestClient() override;
// ExpectCertificates controls whether the server is expected to provide
// certificates. The certificates, if any, are not verified, but the common
// name is recorded and available with |cert_common_name()|.
void ExpectCertificates(bool on);
// Sets the |user_agent_id| of the |client_|.
void SetUserAgentID(const std::string& user_agent_id);
// Wraps data in a quic packet and sends it.
ssize_t SendData(std::string data, bool last_data);
// From SimpleClient
// Clears any outstanding state and sends a simple GET of 'uri' to the
// server. Returns 0 if the request failed and no bytes were written.
ssize_t SendRequest(const std::string& uri) override;
ssize_t SendMessage(const HTTPMessage& message) override;
std::string SendCustomSynchronousRequest(const HTTPMessage& message) override;
std::string SendSynchronousRequest(const std::string& uri) override;
void Connect() override;
void ResetConnection() override;
void Disconnect() override;
IPEndPoint LocalSocketAddress() const override;
void ClearPerRequestState() override;
void WaitForResponseForMs(int timeout_ms) override;
void WaitForInitialResponseForMs(int timeout_ms) override;
ssize_t Send(const void* buffer, size_t size) override;
bool response_complete() const override;
bool response_headers_complete() const override;
const BalsaHeaders* response_headers() const override;
int64 response_size() const override;
int response_header_size() const override;
int64 response_body_size() const override;
size_t bytes_read() const override;
size_t bytes_written() const override;
bool buffer_body() const override;
void set_buffer_body(bool buffer_body) override;
bool ServerInLameDuckMode() const override;
const std::string& response_body() override;
bool connected() const override;
// These functions are all unimplemented functions from SimpleClient, and log
// DFATAL if called by users of SimpleClient.
ssize_t SendAndWaitForResponse(const void* buffer, size_t size) override;
void Bind(IPEndPoint* local_address) override;
std::string SerializeMessage(const HTTPMessage& message) override;
IPAddressNumber bind_to_address() const override;
void set_bind_to_address(IPAddressNumber address) override;
const IPEndPoint& address() const override;
size_t requests_sent() const override;
// From QuicDataStream::Visitor
void OnClose(QuicDataStream* stream) override;
// Configures client_ to take ownership of and use the writer.
// Must be called before initial connect.
void UseWriter(QuicPacketWriterWrapper* writer);
// If the given ConnectionId is nonzero, configures client_ to use a specific
// ConnectionId instead of a random one.
void UseConnectionId(QuicConnectionId connection_id);
// Returns nullptr if the maximum number of streams have already been created.
QuicSpdyClientStream* GetOrCreateStream();
QuicRstStreamErrorCode stream_error() { return stream_error_; }
QuicErrorCode connection_error();
MockableQuicClient* client();
// cert_common_name returns the common name value of the server's certificate,
// or the empty string if no certificate was presented.
const std::string& cert_common_name() const;
// Get the server config map.
QuicTagValueMap GetServerConfig() const;
void set_auto_reconnect(bool reconnect) { auto_reconnect_ = reconnect; }
void set_priority(QuicPriority priority) { priority_ = priority; }
// Sets client's FEC policy. This policy applies to the data stream(s), and
// also to the headers and crypto streams.
void SetFecPolicy(FecPolicy fec_policy);
void WaitForWriteToFlush();
EpollServer* epoll_server() { return &epoll_server_; }
void Initialize(bool secure);
void set_client(MockableQuicClient* client) { client_.reset(client); }
EpollServer epoll_server_;
scoped_ptr<MockableQuicClient> client_; // The actual client
QuicSpdyClientStream* stream_;
QuicRstStreamErrorCode stream_error_;
bool response_complete_;
bool response_headers_complete_;
BalsaHeaders headers_;
QuicPriority priority_;
std::string response_;
uint64 bytes_read_;
uint64 bytes_written_;
// The number of uncompressed HTTP header bytes received.
int response_header_size_;
// The number of HTTP body bytes received.
int64 response_body_size_;
// True if we tried to connect already since the last call to Disconnect().
bool connect_attempted_;
bool secure_;
// The client will auto-connect exactly once before sending data. If
// something causes a connection reset, it will not automatically reconnect
// unless auto_reconnect_ is true.
bool auto_reconnect_;
// Should we buffer the response body? Defaults to true.
bool buffer_body_;
// FEC policy for data sent by this client.
FecPolicy fec_policy_;
// proof_verifier_ points to a RecordingProofVerifier that is owned by
// client_.
ProofVerifier* proof_verifier_;
} // namespace test
} // namespace tools
} // namespace net