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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// A very simple packet builder class for building RTCP packets.
// Used for testing only.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <vector>
#include "base/big_endian.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "media/cast/net/cast_transport_defines.h"
#include "media/cast/net/rtcp/rtcp_defines.h"
namespace media {
namespace cast {
// These values are arbitrary only for the purpose of testing.
namespace {
// Sender report.
static const uint32_t kNtpHigh = 0x01020304;
static const uint32_t kNtpLow = 0x05060708;
static const uint32_t kRtpTimestamp = 0x10203040;
static const uint32_t kSendPacketCount = 987;
static const uint32_t kSendOctetCount = 87654;
// Report block.
static const int kLoss = 0x01000123;
static const int kExtendedMax = 0x15678;
static const int kTestJitter = 0x10203;
static const uint32_t kLastSr = 0x34561234;
static const uint32_t kDelayLastSr = 1000;
// DLRR block.
static const int kLastRr = 0x34561234;
static const int kDelayLastRr = 1000;
// NACK.
static const int kMissingPacket = 34567;
// CAST.
static const uint32_t kAckFrameId = 17;
static const uint32_t kLostFrameId = 18;
static const uint32_t kFrameIdWithLostPackets = 19;
static const int kLostPacketId1 = 3;
static const int kLostPacketId2 = 5;
static const int kLostPacketId3 = 12;
static const uint8_t kFeedbackSeq = 1;
} // namespace
class TestRtcpPacketBuilder {
void AddSr(uint32_t remote_ssrc, int number_of_report_blocks);
void AddSrWithNtp(uint32_t remote_ssrc,
uint32_t ntp_high,
uint32_t ntp_low,
uint32_t rtp_timestamp);
void AddRr(uint32_t remote_ssrc, int number_of_report_blocks);
void AddRb(uint32_t rtp_ssrc);
void AddXrHeader(uint32_t remote_ssrc);
void AddXrDlrrBlock(uint32_t remote_ssrc);
void AddXrExtendedDlrrBlock(uint32_t remote_ssrc);
void AddXrRrtrBlock();
void AddXrUnknownBlock();
void AddUnknownBlock();
void AddNack(uint32_t remote_ssrc, uint32_t local_ssrc);
void AddSendReportRequest(uint32_t remote_ssrc, uint32_t local_ssrc);
void AddCast(uint32_t remote_ssrc,
uint32_t local_ssrc,
base::TimeDelta target_delay);
void AddCst2(const std::vector<FrameId>& later_received_frames);
void AddErrorCst2(); // With wrong identifier.
void AddPli(uint32_t remote_ssrc, uint32_t local_ssrc);
void AddReceiverLog(uint32_t remote_ssrc);
void AddReceiverFrameLog(uint32_t rtp_timestamp,
int num_events,
uint32_t event_timesamp_base);
void AddReceiverEventLog(uint16_t event_data,
CastLoggingEvent event,
uint16_t event_timesamp_delta);
std::unique_ptr<Packet> GetPacket();
const uint8_t* Data();
int Length() { return kMaxIpPacketSize - big_endian_writer_.remaining(); }
base::BigEndianReader* Reader();
void AddRtcpHeader(int payload, int format_or_count);
void PatchLengthField();
// Where the length field of the current packet is.
// Note: 0 is not a legal value, it is used for "uninitialized".
uint8_t buffer_[kMaxIpPacketSize];
char* ptr_of_length_;
base::BigEndianWriter big_endian_writer_;
base::BigEndianReader big_endian_reader_;
} // namespace cast
} // namespace media