Revert "android: Disable thinlto for a while."

This reverts commit 03413ba55a594a376d294a3d5efc8363c6ab1207.

Reason for revert: This should work again, see

Original change's description:
> android: Disable thinlto for a while.
> A recent lld roll broke how lld interacts with our resource whitelist
> generation hack.  This seems to only happen when thinlto is enabled,
> so turn it off until we have a real fix.
> This will increase binary size while it's in, but we should have
> a fix in time of the next branch.
> Binary-Size: 1.6MB apk size regression expected, will recover when we turn this back on
> Bug: 960881,960255
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Bug: 960881, 960255
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