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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <memory>
#include "base/compiler_specific.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "net/base/net_export.h"
namespace net {
class CertErrors;
namespace der {
class Input;
} // namespace der
// The digest algorithm used within a signature.
enum class DigestAlgorithm {
// The signature scheme used within a signature. Parameters are specified
// separately.
enum class SignatureAlgorithmId {
RsaPkcs1, // RSA PKCS#1 v1.5
Ecdsa, // ECDSA
Dsa, // DSA
// Parses a HashAlgorithm as defined by RFC 5912:
// HashAlgorithm ::= AlgorithmIdentifier{DIGEST-ALGORITHM,
// {HashAlgorithms}}
// HashAlgorithms DIGEST-ALGORITHM ::= {
// { IDENTIFIER id-sha1 PARAMS TYPE NULL ARE preferredPresent } |
// { IDENTIFIER id-sha224 PARAMS TYPE NULL ARE preferredPresent } |
// { IDENTIFIER id-sha256 PARAMS TYPE NULL ARE preferredPresent } |
// { IDENTIFIER id-sha384 PARAMS TYPE NULL ARE preferredPresent } |
// { IDENTIFIER id-sha512 PARAMS TYPE NULL ARE preferredPresent }
// }
WARN_UNUSED_RESULT bool ParseHashAlgorithm(const der::Input& input,
DigestAlgorithm* out);
// Base class for describing algorithm parameters.
class NET_EXPORT SignatureAlgorithmParameters {
SignatureAlgorithmParameters() {}
virtual ~SignatureAlgorithmParameters() {}
// Parameters for an RSASSA-PSS signature algorithm.
// The trailer is assumed to be 1 and the mask generation algorithm to be MGF1,
// as that is all that is implemented, and any other values while parsing the
// AlgorithmIdentifier will thus be rejected.
class NET_EXPORT RsaPssParameters : public SignatureAlgorithmParameters {
RsaPssParameters(DigestAlgorithm mgf1_hash, uint32_t salt_length);
DigestAlgorithm mgf1_hash() const { return mgf1_hash_; }
uint32_t salt_length() const { return salt_length_; }
const DigestAlgorithm mgf1_hash_;
const uint32_t salt_length_;
// SignatureAlgorithm describes a signature algorithm and its parameters. This
// corresponds to "AlgorithmIdentifier" from RFC 5280.
class NET_EXPORT SignatureAlgorithm {
SignatureAlgorithmId algorithm() const { return algorithm_; }
DigestAlgorithm digest() const { return digest_; }
// Creates a SignatureAlgorithm by parsing a DER-encoded "AlgorithmIdentifier"
// (RFC 5280). Returns nullptr on failure. If |errors| was non-null then
// error/warning information is output to it.
static std::unique_ptr<SignatureAlgorithm> Create(
const der::Input& algorithm_identifier,
CertErrors* errors);
// Creates a new SignatureAlgorithm with the given type and parameters.
// Guaranteed to return non-null result.
static std::unique_ptr<SignatureAlgorithm> CreateRsaPkcs1(
DigestAlgorithm digest);
static std::unique_ptr<SignatureAlgorithm> CreateDsa(DigestAlgorithm digest);
static std::unique_ptr<SignatureAlgorithm> CreateEcdsa(
DigestAlgorithm digest);
static std::unique_ptr<SignatureAlgorithm> CreateRsaPss(
DigestAlgorithm digest,
DigestAlgorithm mgf1_hash,
uint32_t salt_length);
// The following methods retrieve the parameters for the signature algorithm.
// The correct parameters should be chosen based on the algorithm ID. For
// instance a SignatureAlgorithm with |algorithm() == RsaPss| should retrieve
// parameters via ParametersForRsaPss().
// The returned pointer is non-owned, and has the same lifetime as |this|.
const RsaPssParameters* ParamsForRsaPss() const;
bool has_params() const { return !!params_; }
// Returns true if |alg1_tlv| and |alg2_tlv| represent an equivalent
// AlgorithmIdentifier once parsed.
static bool IsEquivalent(const der::Input& alg1_tlv,
const der::Input& alg2_tlv);
SignatureAlgorithm(SignatureAlgorithmId algorithm,
DigestAlgorithm digest,
std::unique_ptr<SignatureAlgorithmParameters> params);
const SignatureAlgorithmId algorithm_;
const DigestAlgorithm digest_;
const std::unique_ptr<SignatureAlgorithmParameters> params_;
} // namespace net