Pretty print AlternativeService in test macros.

Implement PrintTo(const AlternativeService&, std::ostream*) so that when
EXPECT_EQ or ASSERT_EQ fails between two AlternativeService structs, the test
output contains protocol names and hostnames pretty printed, instead of a binary
blob including useless things like the memory address of where std::string
stores the hostname.  See src/testing/gtest/include/gtest/gtest-printers.h for
more information.

Currently used in AlternateProtocolServerPropertiesTest.BrokenShadowsCanonical
only, but more tests involving EXPECT_EQ between AlternativeService structs are

An earlier version of this CL landed at and got
reverted because on iOS, the helper function required registering an ataxit
handler.  This version does things differently by
 * using PrintTo instead of operator<<, just because this is listed first in the
   comments in gtest-printers.h;
 * defining the function in instead of
   declaring it in http_server_properties.h with NET_EXPORT, this will make sure
   that no static initializers will be introduced.

Note, however, that this helper function cannot be defined in anonymous
namespace, gtest would not find it there.


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