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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "ui/arc/notification/arc_custom_notification_item.h"
#include "ui/arc/notification/arc_notification_surface_manager.h"
#include "ui/aura/window_observer.h"
#include "ui/views/controls/button/button.h"
#include "ui/views/controls/native/native_view_host.h"
namespace exo {
class NotificationSurface;
namespace views {
class ImageButton;
class Widget;
namespace arc {
class ArcCustomNotificationView
: public views::NativeViewHost,
public views::ButtonListener,
public aura::WindowObserver,
public ArcCustomNotificationItem::Observer,
public ArcNotificationSurfaceManager::Observer {
explicit ArcCustomNotificationView(ArcCustomNotificationItem* item);
~ArcCustomNotificationView() override;
class EventForwarder;
class SlideHelper;
void CreateFloatingCloseButton();
void SetSurface(exo::NotificationSurface* surface);
void UpdatePreferredSize();
void UpdateCloseButtonVisiblity();
void UpdatePinnedState();
void UpdateSnapshot();
void AttachSurface();
// views::NativeViewHost
void ViewHierarchyChanged(
const ViewHierarchyChangedDetails& details) override;
void Layout() override;
void OnPaint(gfx::Canvas* canvas) override;
void OnKeyEvent(ui::KeyEvent* event) override;
void OnGestureEvent(ui::GestureEvent* event) override;
void OnMouseEntered(const ui::MouseEvent& event) override;
void OnMouseExited(const ui::MouseEvent& event) override;
// views::ButtonListener
void ButtonPressed(views::Button* sender, const ui::Event& event) override;
// aura::WindowObserver
void OnWindowBoundsChanged(aura::Window* window,
const gfx::Rect& old_bounds,
const gfx::Rect& new_bounds) override;
void OnWindowDestroying(aura::Window* window) override;
// ArcCustomNotificationItem::Observer
void OnItemDestroying() override;
void OnItemUpdated() override;
// ArcNotificationSurfaceManager::Observer:
void OnNotificationSurfaceAdded(exo::NotificationSurface* surface) override;
void OnNotificationSurfaceRemoved(exo::NotificationSurface* surface) override;
ArcCustomNotificationItem* item_ = nullptr;
exo::NotificationSurface* surface_ = nullptr;
const std::string notification_key_;
// A pre-target event handler to forward events on the surface to this view.
// Using a pre-target event handler instead of a target handler on the surface
// window because it has descendant aura::Window and the events on them need
// to be handled as well.
// TODO(xiyuan): Revisit after exo::Surface no longer has an aura::Window.
std::unique_ptr<EventForwarder> event_forwarder_;
// A helper to observe slide transform/animation and use surface layer copy
// when a slide is in progress and restore the surface when it finishes.
std::unique_ptr<SlideHelper> slide_helper_;
// A close button on top of NotificationSurface. Needed because the
// aura::Window of NotificationSurface is added after hosting widget's
// RootView thus standard notification close button is always below
// it.
std::unique_ptr<views::Widget> floating_close_button_widget_;
views::ImageButton* floating_close_button_ = nullptr;
// Protects from call loops between Layout and OnWindowBoundsChanged.
bool in_layout_ = false;
} // namespace arc