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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "base/containers/stack_container.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_vector.h"
#include "ui/events/gesture_detection/gesture_detection_export.h"
#include "ui/events/gesture_detection/motion_event.h"
namespace ui {
struct GESTURE_DETECTION_EXPORT PointerProperties {
PointerProperties(float x, float y, float touch_major);
PointerProperties(const MotionEvent& event, size_t pointer_index);
PointerProperties(const PointerProperties& other);
// Sets |touch_major|, |touch_minor|, and |orientation| from the given radius
// and rotation angle (in degrees).
void SetAxesAndOrientation(float radius_x,
float radius_y,
float rotation_angle_degree);
int id;
MotionEvent::ToolType tool_type;
float x;
float y;
float raw_x;
float raw_y;
float pressure;
float touch_major;
float touch_minor;
float orientation;
float tilt;
// source_device_id is only used on Aura.
int source_device_id;
// A generic MotionEvent implementation.
class GESTURE_DETECTION_EXPORT MotionEventGeneric : public MotionEvent {
MotionEventGeneric(Action action,
base::TimeTicks event_time,
const PointerProperties& pointer);
MotionEventGeneric(const MotionEventGeneric& other);
~MotionEventGeneric() override;
// MotionEvent implementation.
uint32_t GetUniqueEventId() const override;
Action GetAction() const override;
int GetActionIndex() const override;
size_t GetPointerCount() const override;
int GetPointerId(size_t pointer_index) const override;
float GetX(size_t pointer_index) const override;
float GetY(size_t pointer_index) const override;
float GetRawX(size_t pointer_index) const override;
float GetRawY(size_t pointer_index) const override;
float GetTouchMajor(size_t pointer_index) const override;
float GetTouchMinor(size_t pointer_index) const override;
float GetOrientation(size_t pointer_index) const override;
float GetPressure(size_t pointer_index) const override;
float GetTilt(size_t pointer_index) const override;
ToolType GetToolType(size_t pointer_index) const override;
int GetButtonState() const override;
int GetFlags() const override;
base::TimeTicks GetEventTime() const override;
size_t GetHistorySize() const override;
base::TimeTicks GetHistoricalEventTime(
size_t historical_index) const override;
float GetHistoricalTouchMajor(size_t pointer_index,
size_t historical_index) const override;
float GetHistoricalX(size_t pointer_index,
size_t historical_index) const override;
float GetHistoricalY(size_t pointer_index,
size_t historical_index) const override;
// Adds |pointer| to the set of pointers returning the index it was added at.
size_t PushPointer(const PointerProperties& pointer);
// Removes the PointerProperties at |index|.
void RemovePointerAt(size_t index);
PointerProperties& pointer(size_t index) { return pointers_[index]; }
const PointerProperties& pointer(size_t index) const {
return pointers_[index];
// Add an event to the history. |this| and |event| must have the same pointer
// count and must both have an action of ACTION_MOVE.
void PushHistoricalEvent(std::unique_ptr<MotionEvent> event);
void set_action(Action action) { action_ = action; }
void set_event_time(base::TimeTicks event_time) { event_time_ = event_time; }
void set_unique_event_id(uint32_t unique_event_id) {
unique_event_id_ = unique_event_id;
void set_action_index(int action_index) { action_index_ = action_index; }
void set_button_state(int button_state) { button_state_ = button_state; }
void set_flags(int flags) { flags_ = flags; }
static std::unique_ptr<MotionEventGeneric> CloneEvent(
const MotionEvent& event);
static std::unique_ptr<MotionEventGeneric> CancelEvent(
const MotionEvent& event);
MotionEventGeneric(const MotionEvent& event, bool with_history);
MotionEventGeneric& operator=(const MotionEventGeneric& other);
void PopPointer();
enum { kTypicalMaxPointerCount = 5 };
Action action_;
base::TimeTicks event_time_;
uint32_t unique_event_id_;
int action_index_;
int button_state_;
int flags_;
base::StackVector<PointerProperties, kTypicalMaxPointerCount> pointers_;
ScopedVector<MotionEvent> historical_events_;
} // namespace ui