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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <windows.applicationmodel.core.h>
#include <windows.ui.core.h>
#include <windows.ui.input.h>
#include <windows.ui.viewmanagement.h>
#include "base/memory/scoped_ptr.h"
#include "base/message_loop/message_loop.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "ui/events/event_constants.h"
#include "win8/metro_driver/direct3d_helper.h"
#include "win8/metro_driver/ime/ime_popup_observer.h"
#include "win8/metro_driver/ime/input_source_observer.h"
#include "win8/metro_driver/ime/text_service_delegate.h"
namespace base {
class FilePath;
namespace IPC {
class Listener;
class ChannelProxy;
namespace metro_driver {
class InputSource;
class TextService;
namespace metro_viewer {
struct CharacterBounds;
struct UnderlineInfo;
class OpenFilePickerSession;
class SaveFilePickerSession;
class FolderPickerSession;
class FilePickerSessionBase;
struct MetroViewerHostMsg_SaveAsDialogParams;
enum MetroTerminateMethod {
class ChromeAppViewAsh
: public mswr::RuntimeClass<winapp::Core::IFrameworkView>,
public metro_driver::ImePopupObserver,
public metro_driver::InputSourceObserver,
public metro_driver::TextServiceDelegate {
// IViewProvider overrides.
IFACEMETHOD(Initialize)(winapp::Core::ICoreApplicationView* view);
IFACEMETHOD(SetWindow)(winui::Core::ICoreWindow* window);
// Helper function to unsnap the chrome metro app if it is snapped.
// Returns S_OK on success.
static HRESULT Unsnap();
void OnActivateDesktop(const base::FilePath& file_path, bool ash_exit);
void OnOpenURLOnDesktop(const base::FilePath& shortcut,
const base::string16& url);
void OnSetCursor(HCURSOR cursor);
void OnDisplayFileOpenDialog(const base::string16& title,
const base::string16& filter,
const base::FilePath& default_path,
bool allow_multiple_files);
void OnDisplayFileSaveAsDialog(
const MetroViewerHostMsg_SaveAsDialogParams& params);
void OnDisplayFolderPicker(const base::string16& title);
void OnSetCursorPos(int x, int y);
// This function is invoked when the open file operation completes. The
// result of the operation is passed in along with the OpenFilePickerSession
// instance which is deleted after we read the required information from
// the OpenFilePickerSession class.
void OnOpenFileCompleted(OpenFilePickerSession* open_file_picker,
bool success);
// This function is invoked when the save file operation completes. The
// result of the operation is passed in along with the SaveFilePickerSession
// instance which is deleted after we read the required information from
// the SaveFilePickerSession class.
void OnSaveFileCompleted(SaveFilePickerSession* save_file_picker,
bool success);
// This function is invoked when the folder picker operation completes. The
// result of the operation is passed in along with the FolderPickerSession
// instance which is deleted after we read the required information from
// the FolderPickerSession class.
void OnFolderPickerCompleted(FolderPickerSession* folder_picker,
bool success);
void OnImeCancelComposition();
void OnImeUpdateTextInputClient(
const std::vector<int32>& input_scopes,
const std::vector<metro_viewer::CharacterBounds>& character_bounds);
void OnMetroExit(MetroTerminateMethod method);
HWND core_window_hwnd() const { return core_window_hwnd_; }
class PointerInfoHandler;
// ImePopupObserver overrides.
virtual void OnImePopupChanged(ImePopupObserver::EventType event) OVERRIDE;
// InputSourceObserver overrides.
virtual void OnInputSourceChanged() OVERRIDE;
// TextServiceDelegate overrides.
virtual void OnCompositionChanged(
const base::string16& text,
int32 selection_start,
int32 selection_end,
const std::vector<metro_viewer::UnderlineInfo>& underlines) OVERRIDE;
virtual void OnTextCommitted(const base::string16& text) OVERRIDE;
// Convenience for sending a MetroViewerHostMsg_MouseButton with the specified
// parameters.
void SendMouseButton(int x,
int y,
int extra,
ui::EventType event_type,
uint32 flags,
ui::EventFlags changed_button,
bool is_horizontal_wheel);
// Win8 only generates a mouse press for the initial button that goes down and
// a release when the last button is released. Any intermediary presses (or
// releases) do not result in a new press/release event. Instead a move is
// generated with the winui::Input::PointerUpdateKind identifying what
// changed. This function generates the necessary intermediary events (as
// necessary).
void GenerateMouseEventFromMoveIfNecessary(const PointerInfoHandler& pointer);
HRESULT OnActivate(winapp::Core::ICoreApplicationView* view,
winapp::Activation::IActivatedEventArgs* args);
HRESULT OnPointerMoved(winui::Core::ICoreWindow* sender,
winui::Core::IPointerEventArgs* args);
HRESULT OnPointerPressed(winui::Core::ICoreWindow* sender,
winui::Core::IPointerEventArgs* args);
HRESULT OnPointerReleased(winui::Core::ICoreWindow* sender,
winui::Core::IPointerEventArgs* args);
HRESULT OnWheel(winui::Core::ICoreWindow* sender,
winui::Core::IPointerEventArgs* args);
HRESULT OnKeyDown(winui::Core::ICoreWindow* sender,
winui::Core::IKeyEventArgs* args);
HRESULT OnKeyUp(winui::Core::ICoreWindow* sender,
winui::Core::IKeyEventArgs* args);
// Invoked for system keys like Alt, etc.
HRESULT OnAcceleratorKeyDown(winui::Core::ICoreDispatcher* sender,
winui::Core::IAcceleratorKeyEventArgs* args);
HRESULT OnCharacterReceived(winui::Core::ICoreWindow* sender,
winui::Core::ICharacterReceivedEventArgs* args);
HRESULT OnWindowActivated(winui::Core::ICoreWindow* sender,
winui::Core::IWindowActivatedEventArgs* args);
// Helper to handle search requests received via the search charm in ASH.
HRESULT HandleSearchRequest(winapp::Activation::IActivatedEventArgs* args);
// Helper to handle http/https url requests in ASH.
HRESULT HandleProtocolRequest(winapp::Activation::IActivatedEventArgs* args);
HRESULT OnEdgeGestureCompleted(winui::Input::IEdgeGesture* gesture,
winui::Input::IEdgeGestureEventArgs* args);
// Tasks posted to the UI thread to initiate the search/url navigation
// requests.
void OnSearchRequest(const base::string16& search_string);
void OnNavigateToUrl(const base::string16& url);
HRESULT OnSizeChanged(winui::Core::ICoreWindow* sender,
winui::Core::IWindowSizeChangedEventArgs* args);
mswr::ComPtr<winui::Core::ICoreWindow> window_;
mswr::ComPtr<winapp::Core::ICoreApplicationView> view_;
EventRegistrationToken activated_token_;
EventRegistrationToken pointermoved_token_;
EventRegistrationToken pointerpressed_token_;
EventRegistrationToken pointerreleased_token_;
EventRegistrationToken wheel_token_;
EventRegistrationToken keydown_token_;
EventRegistrationToken keyup_token_;
EventRegistrationToken character_received_token_;
EventRegistrationToken accel_keydown_token_;
EventRegistrationToken accel_keyup_token_;
EventRegistrationToken window_activated_token_;
EventRegistrationToken sizechange_token_;
EventRegistrationToken edgeevent_token_;
// Keep state about which button is currently down, if any, as PointerMoved
// events do not contain that state, but Ash's MouseEvents need it. Value is
// as a bitmask of ui::EventFlags.
uint32 mouse_down_flags_;
// Set the D3D swap chain and nothing else.
metro_driver::Direct3DHelper direct3d_helper_;
// The channel to Chrome, in particular to the MetroViewerProcessHost.
IPC::ChannelProxy* ui_channel_;
// The actual window behind the view surface.
HWND core_window_hwnd_;
// UI message loop to allow message passing into this thread.
base::MessageLoopForUI ui_loop_;
// For IME support.
scoped_ptr<metro_driver::InputSource> input_source_;
scoped_ptr<metro_driver::TextService> text_service_;
// The metro device scale factor as reported by the winrt interfaces.
float metro_dpi_scale_;
// The win32 dpi scale which is queried via GetDeviceCaps. Please refer to
// ui/gfx/win/ for more information.
float win32_dpi_scale_;
// The cursor set by the chroem browser process.
HCURSOR last_cursor_;