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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "cc/base/switches.h"
#include "base/command_line.h"
namespace cc {
namespace switches {
const char kDisableThreadedAnimation[] = "disable-threaded-animation";
// Disables layer-edge anti-aliasing in the compositor.
const char kDisableCompositedAntialiasing[] =
// Disables sending the next BeginMainFrame before the previous commit
// activates. Overrides the kEnableMainFrameBeforeActivation flag.
const char kDisableMainFrameBeforeActivation[] =
// Enables sending the next BeginMainFrame before the previous commit activates.
const char kEnableMainFrameBeforeActivation[] =
const char kEnableTopControlsPositionCalculation[] =
// Percentage of the top controls need to be hidden before they will auto hide.
const char kTopControlsHideThreshold[] = "top-controls-hide-threshold";
// Percentage of the top controls need to be shown before they will auto show.
const char kTopControlsShowThreshold[] = "top-controls-show-threshold";
// Re-rasters everything multiple times to simulate a much slower machine.
// Give a scale factor to cause raster to take that many times longer to
// complete, such as --slow-down-raster-scale-factor=25.
const char kSlowDownRasterScaleFactor[] = "slow-down-raster-scale-factor";
// Max tiles allowed for each tilings interest area.
const char kMaxTilesForInterestArea[] = "max-tiles-for-interest-area";
// The amount of unused resource memory compositor is allowed to keep around.
const char kMaxUnusedResourceMemoryUsagePercentage[] =
// Causes the compositor to render to textures which are then sent to the parent
// through the texture mailbox mechanism.
// Requires --enable-compositor-frame-message.
const char kCompositeToMailbox[] = "composite-to-mailbox";
// Check that property changes during paint do not occur.
const char kStrictLayerPropertyChangeChecking[] =
// Virtual viewport for fixed-position elements, scrollbars during pinch.
const char kEnablePinchVirtualViewport[] = "enable-pinch-virtual-viewport";
const char kDisablePinchVirtualViewport[] = "disable-pinch-virtual-viewport";
// Ensures that the draw properties computed via the property trees match those
// computed by CalcDrawProperties.
const char kEnablePropertyTreeVerification[] =
// Disable partial swap which is needed for some OpenGL drivers / emulators.
const char kUIDisablePartialSwap[] = "ui-disable-partial-swap";
// Enables the GPU benchmarking extension
const char kEnableGpuBenchmarking[] = "enable-gpu-benchmarking";
// Renders a border around compositor layers to help debug and study
// layer compositing.
const char kShowCompositedLayerBorders[] = "show-composited-layer-borders";
const char kUIShowCompositedLayerBorders[] = "ui-show-layer-borders";
// Draws a heads-up-display showing Frames Per Second as well as GPU memory
// usage. If you also use --vmodule="head*=1" then FPS will also be output to
// the console log.
const char kShowFPSCounter[] = "show-fps-counter";
const char kUIShowFPSCounter[] = "ui-show-fps-counter";
// Renders a border that represents the bounding box for the layer's animation.
const char kShowLayerAnimationBounds[] = "show-layer-animation-bounds";
const char kUIShowLayerAnimationBounds[] = "ui-show-layer-animation-bounds";
// Show rects in the HUD around layers whose properties have changed.
const char kShowPropertyChangedRects[] = "show-property-changed-rects";
const char kUIShowPropertyChangedRects[] = "ui-show-property-changed-rects";
// Show rects in the HUD around damage as it is recorded into each render
// surface.
const char kShowSurfaceDamageRects[] = "show-surface-damage-rects";
const char kUIShowSurfaceDamageRects[] = "ui-show-surface-damage-rects";
// Show rects in the HUD around the screen-space transformed bounds of every
// layer.
const char kShowScreenSpaceRects[] = "show-screenspace-rects";
const char kUIShowScreenSpaceRects[] = "ui-show-screenspace-rects";
// Show rects in the HUD around the screen-space transformed bounds of every
// layer's replica, when they have one.
const char kShowReplicaScreenSpaceRects[] = "show-replica-screenspace-rects";
const char kUIShowReplicaScreenSpaceRects[] =
// Prevents the layer tree unit tests from timing out.
const char kCCLayerTreeTestNoTimeout[] = "cc-layer-tree-test-no-timeout";
// Makes pixel tests write their output instead of read it.
const char kCCRebaselinePixeltests[] = "cc-rebaseline-pixeltests";
} // namespace switches
} // namespace cc