Revert "Fix app window titlebar blending with direct composition"

This reverts commit 5ad4e08d15110e8212fae941d4638e2e4df7e4c1.

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> Fix app window titlebar blending with direct composition
> Clear the DWM frame area on WM_ERASEBKGND so that Chrome's client area
> blends with DWM frame for app windows.  Refactor the code to update and
> clear DWM frame and move it to hwnd message handler so that browser and
> app windows can share the same code.
> This mimics existing logic for updating the DWM frame and adds the clear
> DWM frame behavior to app windows, but one notable change is that it
> will clear on every WM_ERASEBKGND message, and not just the first one.
> This shouldn't have a performance impact and seems more correct anyway.
> Bug: 904322
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Bug: 904322,918461
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