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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "ash/ash_export.h"
#include "ash/display/window_tree_host_manager.h"
#include "ash/public/cpp/shelf_item.h"
#include "ash/public/cpp/shelf_model.h"
#include "ash/public/cpp/shelf_model_observer.h"
#include "ash/public/cpp/shelf_types.h"
#include "ash/public/interfaces/shelf.mojom.h"
#include "ash/session/session_observer.h"
#include "ash/wm/tablet_mode/tablet_mode_observer.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/binding_set.h"
#include "mojo/public/cpp/bindings/interface_ptr_set.h"
class PrefChangeRegistrar;
class PrefRegistrySimple;
namespace ash {
// Ash's ShelfController owns the ShelfModel and implements interface functions
// that allow Chrome to modify and observe the Shelf and ShelfModel state.
class ASH_EXPORT ShelfController : public mojom::ShelfController,
public ShelfModelObserver,
public SessionObserver,
public TabletModeObserver,
public WindowTreeHostManager::Observer {
~ShelfController() override;
static void RegisterProfilePrefs(PrefRegistrySimple* registry);
// Binds the mojom::ShelfController interface request to this object.
void BindRequest(mojom::ShelfControllerRequest request);
ShelfModel* model() { return &model_; }
bool should_synchronize_shelf_models() const {
return should_synchronize_shelf_models_;
// mojom::ShelfController:
void AddObserver(mojom::ShelfObserverAssociatedPtrInfo observer) override;
void AddShelfItem(int32_t index, const ShelfItem& item) override;
void RemoveShelfItem(const ShelfID& id) override;
void MoveShelfItem(const ShelfID& id, int32_t index) override;
void UpdateShelfItem(const ShelfItem& item) override;
void SetShelfItemDelegate(const ShelfID& id,
mojom::ShelfItemDelegatePtr delegate) override;
// ShelfModelObserver:
void ShelfItemAdded(int index) override;
void ShelfItemRemoved(int index, const ShelfItem& old_item) override;
void ShelfItemMoved(int start_index, int target_index) override;
void ShelfItemChanged(int index, const ShelfItem& old_item) override;
void ShelfItemDelegateChanged(const ShelfID& id,
ShelfItemDelegate* old_delegate,
ShelfItemDelegate* delegate) override;
void FlushForTesting();
// SessionObserver:
void OnActiveUserPrefServiceChanged(PrefService* pref_service) override;
// TabletModeObserver:
void OnTabletModeStarted() override;
void OnTabletModeEnded() override;
// WindowTreeHostManager::Observer:
void OnDisplayConfigurationChanged() override;
void OnWindowTreeHostReusedForDisplay(
AshWindowTreeHost* window_tree_host,
const display::Display& display) override;
void OnWindowTreeHostsSwappedDisplays(AshWindowTreeHost* host1,
AshWindowTreeHost* host2) override;
// The shelf model shared by all shelf instances.
ShelfModel model_;
// Bindings for the ShelfController interface.
mojo::BindingSet<mojom::ShelfController> bindings_;
// True if Ash and Chrome should synchronize separate ShelfModel instances.
bool should_synchronize_shelf_models_ = false;
// True when applying changes from the remote ShelfModel owned by Chrome.
// Changes to the local ShelfModel should not be reported during this time.
bool applying_remote_shelf_model_changes_ = false;
// The set of shelf observers notified about state and model changes.
mojo::AssociatedInterfacePtrSet<mojom::ShelfObserver> observers_;
// Observes user profile prefs for the shelf.
std::unique_ptr<PrefChangeRegistrar> pref_change_registrar_;
} // namespace ash