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  2. DEPS
  6. consent_auditor.h
  9. pref_names.h

Consent Auditor

The consent auditor component is a service containing methods used for recording and retrieving the records of the exact language the user consented to when enabling a feature.

These methods should be called from any UI which enables a feature based on the user's consent, and record the consent language that the user has seen. If we later find out there was a mistranslation, need to expand the scope of a setting etc., we will know which users are affected.

TO EMPHASIZE, these methods should ALWAYS be called from the corresponding UI, not from the backend code or pref change observers. The latter could cause the consent to be wrongfully recorded if feature was enabled through other means (through extensions, a new UI surface added, or even a bug).

Consents related to local features will be stored in a local preference.

Consents related to features for signed-in users will be stored in the user's Google account.