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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "components/download/internal/driver_entry.h"
#include "net/traffic_annotation/network_traffic_annotation.h"
namespace base {
class FilePath;
} // namespace base
namespace download {
struct RequestParams;
// Indicates the recovery type of a download.
enum class FailureType {
// Download failed due to an irrecoverable error.
// Download failed, but we might be able to recover if we try again.
// The interface that includes all the operations to interact with low level
// download library functionalities.
class DownloadDriver {
// The client to receive updates from content download library.
// The update events for all downloads will pass through, so it's the
// client's responsibility to filter the events it needs to handle.
class Client {
// Called when the low level download library is ready. |success| is true
// when the low level download library is ready.
virtual void OnDriverReady(bool success) = 0;
// Called asynchronously in response to a DownloadDriver::HardRecover call.
// If |success| is |false|, recovery of the DownloadDriver failed.
virtual void OnDriverHardRecoverComplete(bool success) = 0;
// Called when any download is created.
virtual void OnDownloadCreated(const DriverEntry& download) = 0;
// Called when any download is failed. |reason| is propagated from low level
// download library.
virtual void OnDownloadFailed(const DriverEntry& download,
FailureType failure_type) = 0;
// Called when any download is successfully completed.
virtual void OnDownloadSucceeded(const DriverEntry& download) = 0;
// Called when any download is updated.
virtual void OnDownloadUpdated(const DriverEntry& download) = 0;
// Returns whether the client is tracking the download with |guid|.
virtual bool IsTrackingDownload(const std::string& guid) const = 0;
virtual ~DownloadDriver() = default;
// Initialize the driver to receive download updates.
virtual void Initialize(Client* client) = 0;
// Attempts to clean up and reset the DownloadDriver. It should remove all
// state relevant to the DownloadService.
virtual void HardRecover() = 0;
// Returns if the driver is ready after the low level library has loaded all
// the data. Returns false when the driver is not initialized by the client,
// or low level download library has been shut down.
virtual bool IsReady() const = 0;
// Starts a new download.
virtual void Start(
const RequestParams& request_params,
const std::string& guid,
const base::FilePath& file_path,
const net::NetworkTrafficAnnotationTag& traffic_annotation) = 0;
// Cancels an existing download, all data associated with this download should
// be removed.
virtual void Remove(const std::string& guid) = 0;
// Pauses the download.
virtual void Pause(const std::string& guid) = 0;
// Resumes the download
virtual void Resume(const std::string& guid) = 0;
// Finds a download record from low level download library.
virtual base::Optional<DriverEntry> Find(const std::string& guid) = 0;
// Called to query the current set of active downloads. This doesn't
// necessarily mean downloads started by the service.
virtual std::set<std::string> GetActiveDownloads() = 0;
} // namespace download