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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "components/policy/core/browser/configuration_policy_handler_list.h"
#include "components/policy/core/common/schema.h"
#include "components/policy/core/common/schema_registry.h"
#include "components/policy/policy_export.h"
namespace policy {
class ConfigurationPolicyProvider;
class PolicyService;
// The BrowserPolicyConnectorBase keeps and initializes some core elements of
// the policy component, mainly the PolicyProviders and the PolicyService.
class POLICY_EXPORT BrowserPolicyConnectorBase {
// Invoke Shutdown() before deleting, see below.
virtual ~BrowserPolicyConnectorBase();
// Stops the policy providers and cleans up the connector before it can be
// safely deleted. This must be invoked before the destructor and while the
// threads are still running. The policy providers are still valid but won't
// update anymore after this call. Subclasses can override this for cleanup
// and should call the parent method.
virtual void Shutdown();
// Returns true if InitPolicyProviders() has been called but Shutdown() hasn't
// been yet.
bool is_initialized() const { return is_initialized_; }
// Returns a handle to the Chrome schema.
const Schema& GetChromeSchema() const;
// Returns the global CombinedSchemaRegistry. SchemaRegistries from Profiles
// should be tracked by the global registry, so that the global policy
// providers also load policies for the components of each Profile.
CombinedSchemaRegistry* GetSchemaRegistry();
// Returns the browser-global PolicyService, that contains policies for the
// whole browser.
PolicyService* GetPolicyService();
// Returns the platform-specific policy provider, if there is one.
ConfigurationPolicyProvider* GetPlatformProvider();
const ConfigurationPolicyHandlerList* GetHandlerList() const;
// Sets a |provider| that will be included in PolicyServices returned by
// GetPolicyService. This is a static method because local state is
// created immediately after the connector, and tests don't have a chance to
// inject the provider otherwise. |provider| must outlive the connector, and
// its ownership is not taken though the connector will initialize and shut it
// down.
static void SetPolicyProviderForTesting(
ConfigurationPolicyProvider* provider);
// Builds an uninitialized BrowserPolicyConnectorBase. InitPolicyProviders()
// should be called to create and start the policy components.
explicit BrowserPolicyConnectorBase(
const HandlerListFactory& handler_list_factory);
// Finalizes the initialization of the connector. Must be called by
// subclasses. This call can be skipped on tests that don't require the full
// policy system running.
void InitPolicyProviders();
// Adds |provider| to the list of |policy_providers_|. Providers should
// be added in decreasing order of priority.
void AddPolicyProvider(std::unique_ptr<ConfigurationPolicyProvider> provider);
// Same as AddPolicyProvider(), but |provider| becomes the platform provider
// which can be retrieved by GetPlatformProvider(). This can be called at
// most once, and uses the same priority order as AddPolicyProvider().
void SetPlatformPolicyProvider(
std::unique_ptr<ConfigurationPolicyProvider> provider);
// Whether InitPolicyProviders() but not Shutdown() has been invoked.
bool is_initialized_;
// Used to convert policies to preferences. The providers declared below
// may trigger policy updates during shutdown, which will result in
// |handler_list_| being consulted for policy translation.
// Therefore, it's important to destroy |handler_list_| after the providers.
std::unique_ptr<ConfigurationPolicyHandlerList> handler_list_;
// The Chrome schema. This wraps the structure generated by
// at compile time.
Schema chrome_schema_;
// The global SchemaRegistry, which will track all the other registries.
CombinedSchemaRegistry schema_registry_;
// The browser-global policy providers, in decreasing order of priority.
std::vector<std::unique_ptr<ConfigurationPolicyProvider>> policy_providers_;
ConfigurationPolicyProvider* platform_policy_provider_;
// Must be deleted before all the policy providers.
std::unique_ptr<PolicyService> policy_service_;
} // namespace policy