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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "ui/keyboard/keyboard_export.h"
namespace aura {
class WindowTreeHost;
class GURL;
namespace keyboard {
// For virtual keyboard IME extension.
struct KeyboardConfig {
bool auto_complete = true;
bool auto_correct = true;
bool handwriting = true;
bool spell_check = true;
// It denotes the preferred value, and can be true even if there is no actual
// audio input device.
bool voice_input = true;
bool operator==(const keyboard::KeyboardConfig& rhs) const {
return auto_complete == rhs.auto_complete &&
auto_correct == rhs.auto_correct && handwriting == rhs.handwriting &&
spell_check == rhs.spell_check && voice_input == rhs.voice_input;
// An enumeration of different keyboard control events that should be logged.
enum KeyboardControlEvent {
// An enumeration of keyboard overscroll override value.
enum KeyboardOverscrolOverride {
// An enumeration of keyboard policy settings.
enum KeyboardShowOverride {
// An enumeration of keyboard states.
enum KeyboardState {
// Default state. System decides whether to show the keyboard or not.
// Request virtual keyboard be deployed.
// Request virtual keyboard be suppressed.
// Updates the current keyboard config with the given config is they are
// different, notifying to observers. Returns whether update happened.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool UpdateKeyboardConfig(
const keyboard::KeyboardConfig& keyboard_config);
// Gets the current virtual keyboard IME config.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT const keyboard::KeyboardConfig& GetKeyboardConfig();
// Sets the state of the a11y onscreen keyboard.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT void SetAccessibilityKeyboardEnabled(bool enabled);
// Gets the state of the a11y onscreen keyboard.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool GetAccessibilityKeyboardEnabled();
// Sets the state of the hotrod onscreen keyboard.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT void SetHotrodKeyboardEnabled(bool enabled);
// Gets the state of the hotrod onscreen keyboard.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool GetHotrodKeyboardEnabled();
// Sets the state of the touch onscreen keyboard.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT void SetTouchKeyboardEnabled(bool enabled);
// Gets the state of the touch onscreen keyboard.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool GetTouchKeyboardEnabled();
// Sets the requested state of the keyboard.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT void SetRequestedKeyboardState(KeyboardState state);
// Gets the requested state of the keyboard.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT int GetRequestedKeyboardState();
// Gets the default keyboard layout.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT std::string GetKeyboardLayout();
// Returns true if the virtual keyboard is enabled.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool IsKeyboardEnabled();
// Returns true if the virtual keyboard is currently visible.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool IsKeyboardVisible();
// Returns true if keyboard overscroll mode is enabled.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool IsKeyboardOverscrollEnabled();
// Sets temporary keyboard overscroll override.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT void SetKeyboardOverscrollOverride(
KeyboardOverscrolOverride override);
// Sets policy override on whether to show the keyboard.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT void SetKeyboardShowOverride(KeyboardShowOverride override);
// Returns true if an IME extension can specify a custom input view for the
// virtual keyboard window.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool IsInputViewEnabled();
// Sets whehther the keyboards is in restricted state - state where advanced
// virtual keyboard features are disabled.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT void SetKeyboardRestricted(bool restricted);
// Returns whether the keyboard is in restricted state.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool GetKeyboardRestricted();
// Returns true if experimental features are enabled for IME input-views.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool IsExperimentalInputViewEnabled();
// Returns true if floating virtual keyboard feature is enabled.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool IsFloatingVirtualKeyboardEnabled();
// Returns true if gesture typing option is enabled for virtual keyboard.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool IsGestureTypingEnabled();
// Returns true if gesture editing option is enabled for virtual keyboard.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool IsGestureEditingEnabled();
// Returns true if voice input is not disabled for the keyboard by the command
// line switch. It's up to the client to check if there is an input device
// available.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool IsVoiceInputEnabled();
// Insert |text| into the active TextInputClient if there is one. Returns true
// if |text| was successfully inserted.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool InsertText(const base::string16& text);
// Sends a fabricated key event, where |type| is the event type, |key_value|
// is the unicode value of the character, |key_code| is the legacy key code
// value, |key_name| is the name of the key as defined in the DOM3 key event
// specification, and |modifier| indicates if any modifier keys are being
// virtually pressed. The event is dispatched to the active TextInputClient
// associated with |root_window|. The type may be "keydown" or "keyup".
KEYBOARD_EXPORT bool SendKeyEvent(std::string type,
int key_value,
int key_code,
std::string key_name,
int modifiers,
aura::WindowTreeHost* host);
// Marks that the keyboard load has started. This is used to measure the time it
// takes to fully load the keyboard. This should be called before
// MarkKeyboardLoadFinished.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT void MarkKeyboardLoadStarted();
// Marks that the keyboard load has ended. This finishes measuring that the
// keyboard is loaded.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT void MarkKeyboardLoadFinished();
// Sets the override content url.
// This is used by for input view for extension IMEs.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT void SetOverrideContentUrl(const GURL& url);
// Gets the override content url.
KEYBOARD_EXPORT const GURL& GetOverrideContentUrl();
// Logs the keyboard control event as a UMA stat.
void LogKeyboardControlEvent(KeyboardControlEvent event);
} // namespace keyboard