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Name: Brotli
Version: 4836af6eaddb20d95187e571a950b68183534372
License: MIT
License File: LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
Brotli is a generic byte-level compression algorithm that is used at the
byte-compression level in WOFF 2.0 font file format. This library is used
to decode WOFF 2.0 fonts.
Local Modifications:
- This only includes the enc/, dec/ and tools/ directories, the and
the LICENSE files, removing unneeded direcories such as docs, tests, and
- Lines 659 of enc/hash.h and 66 of enc/cluster.h were modified to eliminate
build errors that appeared on Windows.
- Lines 290 - 304 from tools/ were adjusted to remove a try/catch block,
which are disabled by default in Chromium.
- Added.
- brotli.gyp: Added.
- brotli.gni: Added.
- bro.gypi: Added.
- enc/static_dict_lut.h: split up into two files (enc/static_dict_lut.h,
enc/static_dict_lut2.h) to allow upload to codereview.
- Line 1158 of enc/ has been modified to fix an unitialized variable
warning. Cherry-pick of c6d38e94cbf9ec094b1e84f6a3a675c9dc42fbed.