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Name: FreeType
Version: VER-2-6-2-updates
Revision: a512b0fe7a8d9db0e5aa9c0a4db1e92cb861722d
License: Custom license "inspired by the BSD, Artistic, and IJG (Independent
JPEG Group) licenses"
License File: src/docs/FTL.TXT
Security Critical: yes
License Android Compatible: yes
This package tracks upstream FreeType, but the build files and configuration
are based on the Android source tree. This package is only used for Android
and Chromecast. For other platforms the system FreeType library is used.
How to update:
1. Find the desired commit in .
If such a commit does not yet exist, branch from the appropriate point with
a branch name like "chromium/android/VER-X-X-X-updates" depending on the
FreeType tag being branched and commit changes there.
2. Update freetype.gyp and to reflect any changes. These should be kept
in sync with the for FreeType in Android as possible.
3. Merge the new src/include/freetype/config/ftoption.h into
include/freetype-android-config/ftoption.h .
4. Update this file.
5. Commit build changes while rolling Chromium's freetype-android DEPS to the
new commit.