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Name: freetype2
URL: git://
Version: 2.4.8-1ubuntu2.3
Security Critical: no
License: BSD
License File: NOT_SHIPPED
This mirrors the version of Freetype2 that was distributed with Ubuntu Precise
(Version 2.4.8, git hash 9d7f0957fbd10fdbabf9815e37857a910ad4f4ac, plus
applicable debian/patches-freetype as seen in ).
To get the code and patches:
sudo apt-add-repository -s "deb precise-security main"
sudo apt-key update
sudo apt-get update
apt-get source -t precise freetype=2.4.8-1ubuntu2.3
and then to apply the patches (quilt):
cd freetype-2.4.8/
./debian/rules patch
The tree produced by this should match the tree in this repo on the
chromium/ubuntu/precise branch.
The build files should approximate the output of
make -Bn | rev | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | rev | grep "\.c$" | sort
Currently the cache, validators, patent checker (no longer used), and bzip2
are excluded.
We link this library into DumpRenderTree so that we can run the layout tests
on later versions of Ubuntu and still get the same font rendering so that
we don't have to support two sets of pixel test baselines.
Freetype depends on two header files to be supplied by the user to specify
how to build the library, ftconfig.h and ftmodule.h (or equivalent filenames
as defined by the FT_CONFIG_CONFIG_H and FT_CONFIG_MODULES_H #defines).
The versions in include/ were generated as follows (on a Precise machine):
% cd ext
% bash
% ./configure
% cp objs/ftmodule.h ../include
% cp builds/unix/ftconfig.h ../include
% git apply freetype2.patch
(Basically we use the stock list of modules, and define the FT_EXPORT
and FT_EXPORT_DEF macros to work properly when building a linux shared lib.)
This code is not considered security critical since it is only to be linked
into test binaries! This should never be linked into chrome or any production