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# Copyright 2012 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
# software distributed under the License is distributed on an
# either express or implied. See the License for the specific
# language governing permissions and limitations under the License.
"""Base and helper classes for Google RESTful APIs."""
__all__ = ['add_sync_methods']
import httplib
import random
import time
from . import api_utils
from google.appengine.api import app_identity
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
except ImportError:
from google.appengine.api import app_identity
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
def _make_sync_method(name):
"""Helper to synthesize a synchronous method from an async method name.
Used by the @add_sync_methods class decorator below.
name: The name of the synchronous method.
A method (with first argument 'self') that retrieves and calls
self.<name>, passing its own arguments, expects it to return a
Future, and then waits for and returns that Future's result.
def sync_wrapper(self, *args, **kwds):
method = getattr(self, name)
future = method(*args, **kwds)
return future.get_result()
return sync_wrapper
def add_sync_methods(cls):
"""Class decorator to add synchronous methods corresponding to async methods.
This modifies the class in place, adding additional methods to it.
If a synchronous method of a given name already exists it is not
cls: A class.
The same class, modified in place.
for name in cls.__dict__.keys():
if name.endswith('_async'):
sync_name = name[:-6]
if not hasattr(cls, sync_name):
setattr(cls, sync_name, _make_sync_method(name))
return cls
class _AE_TokenStorage_(ndb.Model):
"""Entity to store app_identity tokens in memcache."""
token = ndb.StringProperty()
expires = ndb.FloatProperty()
def _make_token_async(scopes, service_account_id):
"""Get a fresh authentication token.
scopes: A list of scopes.
service_account_id: Internal-use only.
An tuple (token, expiration_time) where expiration_time is
seconds since the epoch.
rpc = app_identity.create_rpc()
app_identity.make_get_access_token_call(rpc, scopes, service_account_id)
token, expires_at = yield rpc
raise ndb.Return((token, expires_at))
class _RestApi(object):
"""Base class for REST-based API wrapper classes.
This class manages authentication tokens and request retries. All
APIs are available as synchronous and async methods; synchronous
methods are synthesized from async ones by the add_sync_methods()
function in this module.
WARNING: Do NOT directly use this api. It's an implementation detail
and is subject to change at any release.
_TOKEN_EXPIRATION_HEADROOM = random.randint(60, 600)
def __init__(self, scopes, service_account_id=None, token_maker=None,
scopes: A scope or a list of scopes.
token_maker: An asynchronous function of the form
(scopes, service_account_id) -> (token, expires).
retry_params: An instance of api_utils.RetryParams. If None, the
default for current thread will be used.
service_account_id: Internal use only.
if isinstance(scopes, basestring):
scopes = [scopes]
self.scopes = scopes
self.service_account_id = service_account_id
self.make_token_async = token_maker or _make_token_async
self.token = None
if not retry_params:
retry_params = api_utils._get_default_retry_params()
self.retry_params = retry_params
def __getstate__(self):
"""Store state as part of serialization/pickling."""
return {'token': self.token,
'scopes': self.scopes,
'id': self.service_account_id,
'a_maker': None if self.make_token_async == _make_token_async
else self.make_token_async,
'retry_params': self.retry_params}
def __setstate__(self, state):
"""Restore state as part of deserialization/unpickling."""
self.token = state['token']
def do_request_async(self, url, method='GET', headers=None, payload=None,
deadline=None, callback=None):
"""Issue one HTTP request.
This is an async wrapper around urlfetch(). It adds an authentication
header and retries on a 401 status code. Upon other retriable errors,
it performs blocking retries.
headers = {} if headers is None else dict(headers)
if self.token is None:
self.token = yield self.get_token_async()
headers['authorization'] = 'OAuth ' + self.token
deadline = deadline or self.retry_params.urlfetch_timeout
retry = False
resp = None
resp = yield self.urlfetch_async(url, payload=payload, method=method,
headers=headers, follow_redirects=False,
deadline=deadline, callback=callback)
if resp.status_code == httplib.UNAUTHORIZED:
self.token = yield self.get_token_async(refresh=True)
headers['authorization'] = 'OAuth ' + self.token
resp = yield self.urlfetch_async(
url, payload=payload, method=method, headers=headers,
follow_redirects=False, deadline=deadline, callback=callback)
except api_utils._RETRIABLE_EXCEPTIONS:
retry = True
retry = api_utils._should_retry(resp)
if retry:
retry_resp = api_utils._retry_fetch(
url, retry_params=self.retry_params, payload=payload, method=method,
headers=headers, follow_redirects=False, deadline=deadline)
if retry_resp:
resp = retry_resp
elif not resp:
raise ndb.Return((resp.status_code, resp.headers, resp.content))
def get_token_async(self, refresh=False):
"""Get an authentication token.
The token is cached in memcache, keyed by the scopes argument.
refresh: If True, ignore a cached token; default False.
An authentication token.
if self.token is not None and not refresh:
raise ndb.Return(self.token)
key = '%s,%s' % (self.service_account_id, ','.join(self.scopes))
ts = yield _AE_TokenStorage_.get_by_id_async(
key, use_cache=True, use_memcache=True,
if ts is None or ts.expires < (time.time() +
token, expires_at = yield self.make_token_async(
self.scopes, self.service_account_id)
timeout = int(expires_at - time.time())
ts = _AE_TokenStorage_(id=key, token=token, expires=expires_at)
if timeout > 0:
yield ts.put_async(memcache_timeout=timeout,
use_cache=True, use_memcache=True)
self.token = ts.token
raise ndb.Return(self.token)
def urlfetch_async(self, url, **kwds):
"""Make an async urlfetch() call.
This just passes the url and keyword arguments to NDB's async
urlfetch() wrapper in the current context.
This returns a Future despite not being decorated with @ndb.tasklet!
ctx = ndb.get_context()
return ctx.urlfetch(url, **kwds)
_RestApi = add_sync_methods(_RestApi)