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Name: LevelDB: A Fast Persistent Key-Value Store
Short Name: leveldb
Version: unknown
License: New BSD
License File: src/LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
Alternative to SQLite used as the backend for IndexedDB and internally by the
FileSystem API implementation and others.
Currently using the reuse-manifest branch to get leveldb's (not yet released)
manifest reuse feature. Intend to switch to official release (or master branch)
once leveldb puts this feature into master.
Local Additions:
* gyp file for building in chromium
* port/port_chromium.{h,cc} and env_chromium.{h,cc} provide chromium
implementations of primitives used by leveldb. E.g. threading, file handling,
etc. env_chromium.h allows re-use of some utility functions.
* chromium_logger.h was copied from src/util/posix_logger.h and updated to use
chrome primitives in place of some posix primitives
* Logging of uma statistics. Can be overridden by derived class to redirect to
different histogram.
* TRACE macros/thread name for chrome://tracing diagnostics
* Handle in-process exclusive file locks, based on src/util/
* Unit tests for the Chromium environment.