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Name: International Phone Number Library
Short Name: libphonenumber
Version: unknown
Revision: a4da30df63a097d67e3c429ead6790ad91d36cf4
License: Apache 2.0
License File: LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
This directory contains the source code of International Phone Number Library
for C/C++.
This library depends on
- third_party/icu for internationalisation, UTF8-16-32 conversion and regular
- third_party/protobuf Lite version.
Additional files, not in the original library:
LICENSE # Taken from
The library is mapped through the DEPS file into dist/ folder. To update:
1. Get the latest commit hash from
2. Locally update this file and DEPS.
3. run 'gclient sync'
4. Adjust libphonenumber.gyp/ if necessary.
5. Verify that all compiles and all of the tests are successfull.
WARNING: This library is only thread-safe on POSIX. This means that
PhoneNumberUtil and the other singletons should be accessed from a single