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Name: QUnit
Short Name: QUnit
Version: 1.17.1
License: MIT
Security Critical: no
QUnit is a powerful, easy-to-use, JavaScript unit testing framework. It's used
by the jQuery project to test its code and plugins but is capable of testing any
generic JavaScript code (and even capable of testing JavaScript code on the
QUnit is especially useful for regression testing: Whenever a bug is reported,
write a test that asserts the existence of that particular bug. Then fix it and
commit both. Every time you work on the code again, run the tests. If the bug
comes up again - a regression - you'll spot it immediately and know how to fix
it, because you know what code you just changed.
Having good unit test coverage makes safe refactoring easy and cheap. You can
run the tests after each small refactoring step and always know what change
broke something.
QUnit is similar to other unit testing frameworks like JUnit, but makes use of
the features JavaScript provides and helps with testing code in the browser,
e.g. with its stop/start facilities for testing asynchronous code.
It is currently used by the chrome remote desktop team for JavaScript unit
Local Modifications:
No Modifications is made to src/qunit.js.
src/browser_test_harness.js is added to enable running the QUnit test suite on
try bots using the chromium browser test infrastructure. It also automatically
fails a test case if it doesn't return within a timeout of 5 seconds.