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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
class RevisionState(object):
"""Contains bisect state for a given revision.
depot: The depot that this revision is from (e.g. WebKit).
revision: Revision number (Git hash or SVN number).
index: Position of the state in the list of all revisions.
value: Value(s) returned from the test.
perf_time: Time that a test took.
build_time: Time that a build took.
passed: Represents whether the performance test was successful at that
revision. Possible values include: 1 (passed), 0 (failed),
'?' (skipped), 'F' (build failed).
external: If the revision is a 'src' revision, 'external' contains the
revisions of each of the external libraries.
def __init__(self, depot, revision, index):
self.depot = depot
self.revision = revision
self.index = index
self.value = None
self.perf_time = 0
self.build_time = 0
self.passed = '?'
self.external = None
# TODO(sergiyb): Update() to parse run_results from the RunTest.
class BisectState(object):
"""Represents a state of the bisect as a collection of revision states."""
def __init__(self, depot, revisions):
"""Initializes a new BisectState object with a set of revision states.
depot: Name of the depot used for initial set of revision states.
revisions: List of revisions used for initial set of revision states.
self.revision_states = []
self.revision_index = {}
index = 0
for revision in revisions:
new_state = self._InitRevisionState(depot, revision, index)
index += 1
def _RevisionKey(depot, revision):
return "%s:%s" % (depot, revision)
def _InitRevisionState(self, depot, revision, index):
key = self._RevisionKey(depot, revision)
self.revision_index[key] = index
return RevisionState(depot, revision, index)
def GetRevisionState(self, depot, revision):
"""Returns a mutable revision state."""
key = self._RevisionKey(depot, revision)
index = self.revision_index.get(key)
return self.revision_states[index] if index else None
def CreateRevisionStatesAfter(self, depot, revisions, reference_depot,
"""Creates a set of new revision states after a specified reference state.
depot: Name of the depot for the new revision states.
revisions: List of revisions for the new revision states.
reference_depot: Name of the depot for the reference revision state.
reference_revision: Revision for the reference revision state.
A list containing all created revision states in order as they were added.
ref_key = self._RevisionKey(reference_depot, reference_revision)
ref_index = self.revision_index[ref_key]
num_new_revisions = len(revisions)
for entry in self.revision_states:
if entry.index > ref_index:
entry.index += num_new_revisions
first_index = ref_index + 1
for index, revision in enumerate(revisions, start=first_index):
new_state = self._InitRevisionState(depot, revision, index)
self.revision_states.insert(index, new_state)
return self.revision_states[first_index:first_index + num_new_revisions]
def GetRevisionStates(self):
"""Returns a copy of the list of the revision states."""
return list(self.revision_states)