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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""This module contains functions for performing source control operations."""
import bisect_utils
def IsInGitRepository():
output, _ = bisect_utils.RunGit(['rev-parse', '--is-inside-work-tree'])
return output.strip() == 'true'
def GetRevisionList(end_revision_hash, start_revision_hash, cwd=None):
"""Retrieves a list of git commit hashes in a range.
end_revision_hash: The SHA1 for the end of the range, inclusive.
start_revision_hash: The SHA1 for the beginning of the range, inclusive.
A list of the git commit hashes in the range, in reverse time order --
that is, starting with |end_revision_hash|.
revision_range = '%s..%s' % (start_revision_hash, end_revision_hash)
cmd = ['log', '--format=%H', '-10000', '--first-parent', revision_range]
log_output = bisect_utils.CheckRunGit(cmd, cwd=cwd)
revision_hash_list = log_output.split()
return revision_hash_list
def SyncToRevision(revision, sync_client=None):
"""Syncs or checks out a revision based on sync_client argument.
revision: Git hash for the solutions with the format <repo>@rev.
E.g., "src@2ae43f...", "src/third_party/webkit@asr1234" etc.
sync_client: Syncs to revision when this is True otherwise checks out
the revision.
True if sync or checkout is successful, False otherwise.
if not sync_client:
_, return_code = bisect_utils.RunGit(['checkout', revision])
elif sync_client == 'gclient':
return_code = bisect_utils.RunGClientAndSync([revision])
raise NotImplementedError('Unsupported sync_client: "%s"' % sync_client)
return not return_code
def GetCurrentRevision(cwd=None):
"""Gets current revision of the given repository."""
return bisect_utils.CheckRunGit(['rev-parse', 'HEAD'], cwd=cwd).strip()
def ResolveToRevision(revision_to_check, depot, depot_deps_dict,
search, cwd=None):
"""Tries to resolve an SVN revision or commit position to a git SHA1.
revision_to_check: The user supplied revision string that may need to be
resolved to a git commit hash. This may be an SVN revision, git commit
position, or a git commit hash.
depot: The depot (dependency repository) that |revision_to_check| is from.
depot_deps_dict: A dictionary with information about different depots.
search: How many revisions forward or backward to search. If the value is
negative, the function will search backwards chronologically, otherwise
it will search forward.
A string containing a git SHA1 hash, otherwise None.
# Android-chrome is git only, so no need to resolve this to anything else.
if depot == 'android-chrome':
return revision_to_check
# If the given revision can't be parsed as an integer, then it may already
# be a git commit hash.
if not bisect_utils.IsStringInt(revision_to_check):
return revision_to_check
depot_svn = 'svn://'
if depot != 'chromium':
depot_svn = depot_deps_dict[depot]['svn']
svn_revision = int(revision_to_check)
git_revision = None
if search > 0:
search_range = xrange(svn_revision, svn_revision + search, 1)
search_range = xrange(svn_revision, svn_revision + search, -1)
for i in search_range:
# NOTE: Checking for the git-svn-id footer is for backwards compatibility.
# When we can assume that all the revisions we care about are from after
# git commit positions started getting added, we don't need to check this.
svn_pattern = 'git-svn-id: %s@%d' % (depot_svn, i)
commit_position_pattern = '^Cr-Commit-Position: .*@{#%d}' % i
cmd = ['log', '--format=%H', '-1', '--grep', svn_pattern,
'--grep', commit_position_pattern, 'origin/master']
log_output = bisect_utils.CheckRunGit(cmd, cwd=cwd)
log_output = log_output.strip()
if log_output:
git_revision = log_output
return git_revision
def IsInProperBranch():
"""Checks whether the current branch is "master"."""
cmd = ['rev-parse', '--abbrev-ref', 'HEAD']
log_output = bisect_utils.CheckRunGit(cmd)
log_output = log_output.strip()
return log_output == 'master'
def GetCommitPosition(git_revision, cwd=None):
"""Finds git commit position for the given git hash.
This function executes "git footer --position-num <git hash>" command to get
commit position the given revision.
git_revision: The git SHA1 to use.
cwd: Working directory to run the command from.
Git commit position as integer or None.
# Some of the repositories are pure git based, unlike other repositories
# they doesn't have commit position. e.g., skia, angle.
cmd = ['footers', '--position-num', git_revision]
output, return_code = bisect_utils.RunGit(cmd, cwd)
if not return_code:
commit_position = output.strip()
if bisect_utils.IsStringInt(commit_position):
return int(commit_position)
return None
def GetCommitTime(git_revision, cwd=None):
"""Returns commit time for the given revision in UNIX timestamp."""
cmd = ['log', '--format=%ct', '-1', git_revision]
output = bisect_utils.CheckRunGit(cmd, cwd=cwd)
return int(output)
def QueryRevisionInfo(revision, cwd=None):
"""Gathers information on a particular revision, such as author's name,
email, subject, and date.
revision: Revision you want to gather information on; a git commit hash.
A dict in the following format:
'author': %s,
'email': %s,
'date': %s,
'subject': %s,
'body': %s,
commit_info = {}
formats = ['%aN', '%aE', '%s', '%cD', '%b']
targets = ['author', 'email', 'subject', 'date', 'body']
for i in xrange(len(formats)):
cmd = ['log', '--format=%s' % formats[i], '-1', revision]
output = bisect_utils.CheckRunGit(cmd, cwd=cwd)
commit_info[targets[i]] = output.rstrip()
return commit_info
def CheckoutFileAtRevision(file_name, revision, cwd=None):
"""Performs a checkout on a file at the given revision.
True if successful.
command = ['checkout', revision, file_name]
_, return_code = bisect_utils.RunGit(command, cwd=cwd)
return not return_code
def RevertFileToHead(file_name):
"""Un-stages a file and resets the file's state to HEAD.
True if successful.
# Reset doesn't seem to return 0 on success.
bisect_utils.RunGit(['reset', 'HEAD', file_name])
_, return_code = bisect_utils.RunGit(
['checkout', bisect_utils.FILE_DEPS_GIT])
return not return_code
def QueryFileRevisionHistory(filename, revision_start, revision_end):
"""Returns a list of commits that modified this file.
filename: Name of file.
revision_start: Start of revision range (inclusive).
revision_end: End of revision range.
Returns a list of commits that touched this file.
cmd = [
'%s~1..%s' % (revision_start, revision_end),
output = bisect_utils.CheckRunGit(cmd)
lines = output.split('\n')
return [o for o in lines if o]