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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Handles generating profiles and transferring them to/from mobile devices."""
import logging
import optparse
import os
import shutil
import stat
import sys
import tempfile
from profile_creators import profile_extender
from telemetry.core import discover
from telemetry.core import util
from telemetry.internal import story_runner
from telemetry.internal.browser import browser_finder
from telemetry.internal.browser import browser_options
from telemetry.internal.util import binary_manager
def _DiscoverProfileExtenderClasses():
profile_extenders_dir = (
util.GetBaseDir(), '..', 'perf',
base_dir = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(profile_extenders_dir, '..'))
profile_extenders_unfiltered = discover.DiscoverClasses(
profile_extenders_dir, base_dir, profile_extender.ProfileExtender)
# Remove 'extender' suffix from keys.
profile_extenders = {}
for test_name, test_class in profile_extenders_unfiltered.iteritems():
assert test_name.endswith('_extender')
test_name = test_name[:-len('_extender')]
profile_extenders[test_name] = test_class
return profile_extenders
def _IsPseudoFile(directory, paths):
"""Filter function for shutil.copytree() to reject socket files and symlinks
since those can't be copied around on bots."""
def IsSocket(full_path):
"""Check if a file at a given path is a socket."""
if stat.S_ISSOCK(os.stat(full_path).st_mode):
return True
except OSError:
# Thrown if we encounter a broken symlink.
return False
ignore_list = []
for path in paths:
full_path = os.path.join(directory, path)
if os.path.isdir(full_path):
if not IsSocket(full_path) and not os.path.islink(full_path):
logging.warning('Ignoring pseudo file: %s', full_path)
return ignore_list
class ProfileGenerator(object):
"""Generate profile.
On desktop the generated profile is copied to the specified location so later
runs can reuse it.
On CrOS profile resides on cryptohome and there is no easy way to
override it before user login. So for CrOS we just generate the profile
every time when the benchmark starts to run.
def __init__(self, profile_extender_class, profile_name):
self._profile_extender_class = profile_extender_class
self._profile_name = profile_name
def Run(self, options):
"""Kick off the process.
options: Instance of BrowserFinderOptions to search for proper browser.
A 2-tuple (path, new_profile).
path: The path of the generated profile or existing profile if
--profile-dir is given. Could be None if it's generated on default
location (e.g., cryptohome on CrOS).
new_profile: Whether a new profile has been generated. If this is True,
the caller is responsible for deleting the profile.
possible_browser = browser_finder.FindBrowser(options)
if possible_browser.browser_type.startswith('cros'):
self.Create(options, None)
return (None, False)
# Use the given --profile-dir.
if options.browser_options.profile_dir:
return (options.browser_options.profile_dir, False)
out_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp(prefix=self._profile_name)
self.Create(options, out_dir)
return (out_dir, True)
def Create(self, options, out_dir):
"""Generate profile.
If out_dir is given, copy the generated profile to out_dir.
Otherwise the profile is generated to its default position
(e.g., cryptohome on CrOS).
# Leave the global options intact.
creator_options = options.Copy()
if out_dir:
sys.stderr.write('Generating profile to: %s \n' % out_dir)
# The genrated profile is copied to out_dir only if the generation is
# successful. In the generation process a temp directory is used so
# the default profile is not polluted on failure.
tmp_profile_path = tempfile.mkdtemp()
# TODO(eakuefner): Remove this after rolls in.
getattr(creator_options, 'output_profile_path')
creator_options.output_profile_path = tmp_profile_path
except AttributeError:
creator_options.browser_options.output_profile_path = tmp_profile_path
creator = self._profile_extender_class(creator_options)
except Exception as e:
logging.exception('Profile creation failed.')
raise e
sys.stderr.write('SUCCESS: Profile generated.\n')
# Copy generated profile to final destination if out_dir is given.
if out_dir:
if os.path.exists(out_dir):
out_dir, ignore=_IsPseudoFile)
"SUCCESS: Generated profile copied to: '%s'.\n" % out_dir)
if out_dir:
def AddCommandLineArgs(parser):
profile_extenders = _DiscoverProfileExtenderClasses().keys()
legal_profile_creators = '|'.join(profile_extenders)
group = optparse.OptionGroup(parser, 'Profile generation options')
help='Type of profile to generate. '
'Supported values: %s' % legal_profile_creators)
def ProcessCommandLineArgs(parser, args):
story_runner.ProcessCommandLineArgs(parser, args)
if not args.profile_type_to_generate:
parser.error('Must specify --profile-type-to-generate option.')
profile_extenders = _DiscoverProfileExtenderClasses().keys()
if args.profile_type_to_generate not in profile_extenders:
legal_profile_creators = '|'.join(profile_extenders)
parser.error('Invalid profile type, legal values are: %s.' %
if not args.browser_type:
parser.error('Must specify --browser option.')
if not args.output_dir:
parser.error('Must specify --output-dir option.')
if args.browser_options.dont_override_profile:
parser.error("Can't use existing profile when generating profile.")
def Main():
options = browser_options.BrowserFinderOptions()
parser = options.CreateParser(
'%%prog <--profile-type-to-generate=...> <--browser=...> <--output-dir>')
_, _ = parser.parse_args()
ProcessCommandLineArgs(parser, options)
# Generate profile.
profile_extenders = _DiscoverProfileExtenderClasses()
profile_extender_class = profile_extenders[options.profile_type_to_generate]
generator = ProfileGenerator(profile_extender_class,
generator.Create(options, options.output_dir)
return 0